Medical Terminology Chapter 1: Exercises & Answers C (pg24)

  1. Laparotomy
    • Tissue/Body Part: abdomen
    • Meaning of Term: incision of the abdomen (also called exploratory surgery)
  2. Nephrectomy
    • Tissue/Body Part: Kidney
    • Meaning of Term: Excision (removal, resection) of the kidney
  3. Neuritis
    • Tissue/Body Part: Nerve
    • Meaning of Term: Inflammation of a nerve
  4. Ophthalmoscope
    • Tissue/Body Part: Eye
    • Meaning of Term: Instrument to visually examine the eye
  5. Osteotomy
    • Tissue/Body Part: Bone
    • Meaning of Term: incision (to cut into, section) of a bone
  6. Renal
    • Tissue/Body Part: Kidney
    • Meaning of Term: Pertaining to the kidney
  7. Rhinitis
    • Tissue/Body Part: Nose
    • Meaning of Term: Inflammation of the nose
  8. Sarcoma
    • Tissue/Body Part: Flesh tissue
    • Meaning of Term: Tumor (cancerous or malignant) of flesh tissue
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Medical Terminology Chapter 1: Exercises & Answers C (pg24)
Name the tissue or part of the body described in the following terms and give the meaning of the entire term