English Comp: Module 1 Lecture Notes

  1. 4 steps to be taken to succeed in the writing process
    • 1: Discover a clearly stated point or thesis
    • 2: Provide logical, detailed support for your thesis
    • 3: Organize and connect your supporting material
    • 4: Revise and edit so sentences are effective and error-free 
  2. Paragraph
    Short paper that consists of 150-200 words and usually includes an opening point called a topic sentence followed by a series of supportive sentences
  3. Topic Sentence
    Opening point in a paragraph
  4. One-Three-One Essay
    • is the most common and traditional essay format that all students will encounter in their composition courses
    • includes an introductory paragraph, 3 body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph 
  5. Introduction Paragraph
    consists of interesting opening remarks, a thesis statement and sometimes a plan of development
  6. Body Paragraphs
    • include:
    • -topic sentences
    • -specific evidence
  7. Conclusion Paragraph
    brief summary and/or general closing remarks
  8. 3 beneifts to the 1-3-1 essay
    • 1: it will help you become a better writer
    • 2: writing will strengthen your sills as a reader and listener
    • 3: writing will make you a stronger thinker 
  9. 5 prewriting techniques
    • 1: freewriting
    • 2: questioning
    • 3: making a list or brainstorming
    • 4: clustering
    • 5: preparing a scratch outline 
  10. Freewriting
    • the process of writing down and ideas that come to mind about a possible topic
    • sentences can be rough and unordered 
  11. Questioning
    generating ideas and details by asking questions about your potental topic, such as who, what, when, where, why and how. 
  12. Clustering
    • a visual way of getting ideas on paper by drawing diagrams, lines, boxes, or any other form of mapping
  13. Scratch Outline
    a basic outline of how a potential essay can be developed. This outline may be referred to thoughout the writing process. 
  14. Revising
    the process of rewriting an eassy by builidng on what has already been written and making it stronger
  15. Revising 3 steps
    • 1: revising content
    • 2: revising sentences
    • 3: editing 
  16. Thesis Statement
    • an effective thesis statement acommplishes two goals
    • -informs readers about the essay's topic
    • -presents the writer's attitude, opinion, idea or point about that specific topic
    • Should be a statement, not an announcement
    • Be specific and avoid statements that are too broad and too narrow
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