1. Wilson's plan for peace
    • 1.Philosophy to not have another war
    • 2. the 14 points
    • 3.end secret treidies
    • 4. freedom of the seas
    • 5.league of nations
  2. Leaue of nations
    To maintain peace a place nations can talk and have international army in switcherland
  3. The armistice
    =truse end of world war 1the quote=The guns fell silent on the 11th hr. 11th day 11 month.
  4. Treaty of vesailles
    • Paris peace convention
    • bug four most 4 important nations
    • Us.= wilson
    • France= georges clemeceau
    • italy vittorioo naunde
  5. punishment of germany
    • only germany disarmed=cause of world war2
    • germany is humilated
    • england germany devide colonies in ottoman empire
  6. Y did wilson want treaty
    he got league of nations
  7. Opposition of treaty
    • senator henry cabot lodge
    • Wilson was losing so he went to the people to travel and speak to them he sufferd a stroke and couldnt be pres his wife took over
  8. 25 amendment
    19676 if pres disabled vp takes over
  9. Decade of 20s
    names roring 20s a time of social change and good economy
  10. 1Preses of decade
    1warreng haring 2calvin coolege 3. herbert hoover
  11. entertainment
    movies with sound
  12. slang words of 20s
    • 1Bootlegger an illegal dealer in beer/ wine
    • 2charleton dance favorite
    • 3falpper women of 20s
    • 4speackeasy a night club that sold illegal liquor
    • 5 23 skidoo gooodbye
  13. 19th amendment
    wemon right to vote
  14. anthony amendment
    1920 election susan b anthony foghut to obtain right to vote for wemon.
  15. hero of 20s
    charles lindberg flew nonstop from new york to paris nickname lone egale
  16. negatives to 20s
    • increased membership in kkk
    • qwotason limit to immigration
    • rise of antisemitism
    • jews deported
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