Assessment Test

  1. DL/KL (example)
    the 1st code is who markets the flight, the 2nd is who operates it
  2. Difference between a direct & a connecting flight?
    direct flights have a stop but doesn't change flight numbers just equipment & a connecting flights have a stop & you change flights numbers & aircrafts
  3. What is the name of delta's incentive program for frequent flyers?
    Sky miles
  4. What is the definition of ergonomics?
    The applied science concerned with the proper design & arrangement of tools at a workstation
  5. How would you look up the distance from a college & an airport?
    Go to the travel planner for colleges in km
  6. What does KM stand for?
    Knowledge Management
  7. What is needed to make an itinerary?
    Origin, Destination, Departure Date, Return Date, Time Preference, Number of Party (ODD RTN)
  8. What do you always ask before ending call?
    Does the pax need a hotel or car & if so transfer to whomever they want to talk to
  9. What do you always tell pax so we don't get a $25,000 fine?
    the codeshare partner that will be operating the flight if delta isn't
  10. Do you tell pax the on time performance of the city they want to go to?
    Only if they request the information
  11. What does PPR stand for?
    Primary Pass Rider
  12. Can you give out the info if a flight is oversold?
    If they request the information then yes, but you can't say by how much it's oversold
  13. What are the 3 g's?
    Get Give Get-get info, give info, get sale
  14. What are the 4 mandatory fields for the PNR?
    Phone number, Itinerary, Name, Ticketing (PINT)
  15. What button do you push in the PNR to save any info & redisplay the info you put in?
    End & redisplay
  16. Types of documentation remarks?
    Special, OSI, & general
  17. Which documentation remarks have specific canned remarks?
    Special & OSI remarks
  18. Is US Helicopter a domestic codeshare partner?
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