1. What is Asthma?
    • AKA reactive airway disease
    • Chronic inflammatory disorder of the airway
    • Cause—allergens
    • Signs Bronchoconstriction (Inflamation due to immune response
    • Airway inflammation, edema
    • Mucus plug (also due to immune response)
  2. Anti-inflamatory Rx for Asthma
    • Glucocorticoids (prednisone)
    • Cromolyn (Intal)
    • Best if used locally.
  3. Triggers for Asthma
    • Cold air
    • exercise
    • tobacco smoke
    • other smoke
    • pollutants
  4. Goals of Therapy
    Use of long acting Rx:provide prophalactic effect->control

    Use of short term Rx-Treat emergent symptoms->Rescue
  5. Inhalation drug therapy
    • Metered-dose inhalers (MDIs)
    • --Wait 1 minute between puffs. 10% reaches lungs
    • --Dry powder inhalers (DPIs). 20% reaches lungs
    • Nebulizer: turns Rx to gas->more thorough inhalation. More side effects, takes time to prepare. Nurse's job is to make sure treatment is done, document that it was done, and evaluate efficacy.
    • Spacers: makes inhalers work better. 21% of Rx will reach lungs vs. 9% w/out spacer.
    • With any kind of inhaler, it needs to be clean. It's a breeding ground for yeast. Also rinse out your mouth afterwards.
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