Monday Vocabulary

  1. perspective
    Let's put things in perspective - a point of view that shows the relationship between one thing and another. The word os used for objects and scenes depicted so that they appear to the eye to have the appropriate relationship and proportion to everything else in the painting. If a a barn is depicted in the painting, the cows abd sheep gazing near it will be proportionally smaller than the barn. As they paint, artists imagine converging lines invisible to the viewer of the paiting.
  2. chiaroscura
    The use of light and shade in a painting and the skill displayed by the painter in the management of shadows.
  3. etching
    The art of engraving with acid on metal. The print taken form the metal plate is also called an etching. A needle is used to scratcha design on the metal plate; this design is filled with ink. The plate and paper are then put into a press, which transfers the pattern to the paper. There are many vriants of this process, but it appears to have been developed in Germany about 1515.
  4. mezzotint
    A method of engraving that leaves the impression of light and shadow or chiaroscuro on the final print after the artist scratches the surface of a copper or steel plate with a saw-toothed tool. The soft effect in the print can show every degree of light and shade from black to white without leaving a sharp line as in an etching.
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