Surgical Tech Certification

  1. 5 factors that affect the sterilization process
    • Temperature
    • Time
    • Humidity
    • Concentration of the sterilizing agent
    • Penetrating ability of the sterilizing agent
  2. 4 different types of steam sterilizers
    • Flash
    • High Vacuum
    • Pressure/gravity
    • Washer/sterilizer
  3. Describe flash sterilizer
    Smaller version of a sterilizer, often used in an operating room to provide sterilization for nonpackaged items. Not suitable for linens and gloves or solutions.
  4. Describe high vacuum pressure/gravity displacement sterilizer
    Most commonly used steam sterilizer in a Central Services Department. It pulls air out of the chamber and then steam is injected to replace it. Can be used for fabrics.
  5. Describe washer sterilizer
    Not intended as a terminal method of sterilization. It is a mechanical cleaning process that uses agitated water with detergent to loosen gross debris. Has a 65% efficiency rate in cleaning instruments
  6. Why would ethylene oxide sterilization be used?
    Used for equipment that cannot withstand the extremem pressure and temps of steam sterilization.
  7. How does Ethylene oxide work?
    Kills microorganisms by chemical interference and by inactivation of the cell's reproductive process
  8. How must instruments be prepared before ETO sterilization?
    Items must be towel dry so no visible water droplets remain prior to sterilization
  9. Sterilization by ETO is dependant upon 4 things
    • Time
    • Temparature
    • Humidity
    • Gas concentration
  10. Prevac steam cycle at 270o F
    ? pressure
    ? time
    • 28-30 psi
    • 4 min
  11. Prevac steam cycle at 275o F
    • 28-30 psi
    • 3 min
  12. Gravity displacement steam 250o F
    • 15 psi
    • 30 min
  13. Gravity displacement steam 270o F
    • 27 psi
    • 15-20 min
  14. Gravity displacement steam 275o F
    • 30 psi
    • 10 min
  15. Temp/time for prevac flash, metal items, no lumen
    • 270o F
    • 3 min
  16. Temp/time for prevac flash, porous items, metal items and items with lumina
    • 270o F
    • 4 min
  17. Time/temp for high speed gravity displacement flash of metal items with no lumina
    • 270o F
    • 3 min
  18. Time/temp for high speed gravity displacement flash of prous items, metal items, and items with lumina
    • 270o F
    • 10 min
  19. EtO sterilization exposure time
    1 hr, 45 min
  20. EtO sterilization gas concentration
    600 mg/L to 700mg/L
  21. EtO sterilization humidity
  22. EtO sterilization pressure
    8 psi
  23. EtO sterilization temperature
    130o F
  24. Two different cycles/duration for plasma gas sterilization
    • Standard cycle for 28 min
    • Advanced cycle for 38 min
  25. 7 kinds of instruments eligible for plasm gas sterilization
    • Single-channel flexible endoscopes
    • Semiridgid ureteroscopes
    • Cameras
    • Light cords
    • Batteries
    • Power drills
    • Rigid endoscopes
  26. 3 factors that affect the disinfection of items
    • Type of microorganisms present
    • Type of chemical used
    • Type of object to be disinfected
  27. Amount of time needed for sterilization of instruments with glutaraldehyde
    10 hours
  28. Amount of time for disinfection of instruments with glutaraldehyde
    20 min
  29. Desribe biological monitors
    Devices which contain specially prepared, live, spore-forming microorganisms that are placed inside packages put through the strerilizer cycle. Used to indicate sterility of contents
  30. Describe chemical monitors
    Strips which are placed on the inside and outside of the package and will turn color once the package has gone through the sterilizer. Does not indicate sterility of contents
  31. Describe mechanical monitors
    Thermometers, vacuum gauges, clocks and pressure gauges which only show that required parameters were met and that the machines were functioning. Does not indicate sterility
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