anatomicl positions

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  1. what is anotomical position
    a body standing erect facing the observer with arms and hands on there side.
  2. what is the Midline
    • An imagenadry line drwn down the center of the body.
    •                     (dividing the upper body in two)
  3. what is medial
    Refers to a position colser to the midline
  4. what is later
    To the side, away from the midline of the body.
  5. What is anterior
    The front of the body or body part.
  6. What is posterior
    The back of the body or body part.
  7. what is Dorsal
    Refering to the back of the body or back of the hand or foot.
  8. When A pationt is lying supine how are they lying.
    lying on the back
  9. when a pation is lying in the prone position what is that.
    lying face down
  10. What is the recover position
    lying on the side. also called lateral recumbent position
  11. what is the fowler position
    a sitting position
  12. what is the trendelenburg position
    a position were the patients feet  and legs are higher than the head.
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