Army programs Retention

  1. What Army Regulation covers the Army Retention Program?
    AR 601-280
  2. What are some reasons that a soldier may be ineligible for reenlistment?
    If the soldier is barred or flagged and if the soldier is enrolled in ASAP
  3. What is an SRB?
    Selective Reenlistment Bonus(AR 601-280
  4. What is the minimum number of years that a soldier must reenlist for to be eligible for an SRB?
    Three years(AR 601-280
  5. Can a Soldier request separation if a bar to reenlistment is imposed?
  6. Describe a Bar to Reenlistment
    Administrative action initiated by the commander to prevent a substandard soldier from reenlisting or reentering theservice
  7. A Bar to Reenlistment is reviewed how often?
    Every three months or 30 days prior to PCS / ETS
  8. Who can initiate a Bar to Reenlistment?
    Any commander in the soldier’s chain of command
  9. Who is the final approving authority for a Bar to Reenlistment?
    A Commander who is one approval level higher than the commanding authority
  10. Who may lift a Bar?
    The same authority that approved the Bar may lift it with a written recommendation by the unit Commander
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