1. What is the scripture that tells us we are to believe on every word of Jesus Christ?
    (John 7:38)
  2. In John 7:38 what does out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water mean?
    It means that when you speak, you will be speaking truth, which is the word of God, which are words that people can live by.
  3. What is Revelation 1:1 and showing us?
    Revelation 1:1 is letting us know that things are about to be revealed about Jesus Christ.
  4. Scripture in new testament that proves Jesus Christ was a Black man?
    (Revelations 1:13-15)
  5. In Revelations 1:13 what are the seven candle sticks?
    The seven candle sticks are the seven churches throughout the asia minor.
  6. In Revelations 1:14 what does "his head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow;" mean?
    • 1. His head is talking about the hair on his head.
    • 2. His hairs is talking about his facial hairs.
    • 3. White like wool as white as snow is talking about the color.
  7. In Revelations 1:14 what does "his eyes as a flame of fire" mean?
    It means Jesus Christ was in his angelic form.
  8. In Revelations chapter 2 which verse tells us the Lords feet are like unto fine brass.
    (Revelations 2:18)
  9. Scripture in the old testament the shows us the color of Jesus Christ?
    (Daniels 10:5-6)
  10. In Daniels 10:6 what does "his body also like the beryl" mean?
    Beryl is a green color, and it is describing the color of the garment the Lord was wearing.
  11. In Daniels 10:6 what does it mean when it says, "and his face as the appearance of lightning" mean?
    Its talking about the orah (halo) the lord had around him.
  12. What tribe did our lord and savior Jesus Christ come from? Provide Precept.
    Judah. (Hebrews 7:14)
  13. In Hebrews 7:14 What does "Evident" mean?
    Evident - meaning obvious to see
  14. What color are the Jews? Provide Precept.
    Black. (Jerimiah 14:2)
  15. What does Judah mourneth mean in Jerimiah 14:2?
    It means their spirits were very low.
  16. What are the gates and what does it mean when it says "they languish?"
    The gates are our protection, our leaders. They languish meaning they are weak.
  17. Explain: "The Jews are black unto the ground"
    This means that the Jews are all different shades of brown. The ground is talking about the dirt, there are different types of dirt and they are all different shades of brown.
  18. What scripture proves God knows that esau is lieing calling himself a Jew?
    (Revelations 2:9)
  19. In Revelations 3:9 who is the synogogue of satan?
    Those fake Jews who lie and portray themselves as Gods people.
  20. What does Revelations 3:9 tell us the Synogogue of satan will do.
    Worship before our feet.
  21. Who is the Ancient of Days, and why is he called the Ancient of Days?
    God the Father (AHBA NAWA), he is called the Ancient of days because he was here before days began.
  22. In Daniels 7:9 What does it tell us about God the Father, and what does it show us about him?
    That he had wooly hair and that he couldn't be a white man due to the fact that white men don't have wooly hair.
  23. In Hebrews 1:3 what does, "and the expressed image of his person" mean?
    Hebrews1:3 is telling us that Jesus Christ and God the Father look exactly alike.
  24. What scripture tells us that the wicked changed the faces of the judges, and who is the wicked?
    Job 9:24, Esau is the wicked.
  25. What color was King Solomon? Provide precept.
    Song of Solomon 1:5 "I am black, but comely"
  26. What does Exodus 4:6-7 tell us about Moses?
    When Moses put his hand in his bosom and it came out leprous as snow it shows us he was a man of color, because he had to be black in order for his skin to become white.
  27. Who in the Old Testament was mistaken for as an Egyptian, what does this show us about his color? Provide Precept.
    • Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian, which shows us he had to be a dark skinned man, because the Egyptians are africans which are a dark skinned people.
    • (Exodus 2:16-19)
  28. Which Apostle was mistaken for an Egyptian in the book of Acts? What does this show us? Provide Precept.
    • Apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian,¬†which shows us he had to be a dark skinned man, because the Egyptians are africans which are a dark skinned people.
    • (Acts 21:37-39)
  29. In Song of Solomon 1:5 what does "comely" mean?
    Comely - meaning Handsome
  30. In Daniels 10:5-6 it refers to the Lords color as what?
    Polished brass, which is a brown color.
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