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    • Green lanes
  1. Queen elm square
    Old church street
  2. South London synagogue
    Prentis street
  3. Arch duke wine bar
    153 convert hall approach se1
  4. Carlisle lane
    Royal street
  5. Forum magnum square
    York road
  6. Park plaza westminster bridge
    200 westminster bridge road (rbt)
  7. London aquarium
    Chicheley street
  8. London eye
    Belvedere road
  9. Royal festival Hall
    South bank complex (Belvedere road)
  10. Premier travel inn, county hall
    Chicheley street
  11. Churchill London clinic
    Barkham terrace (Lambeth road)
  12. Days in hotel, Lambeth
    Cosser street (Kennington road)
  13. Lambeth Tower
    Kennington road
  14. St. Georges R.C. Cathedral
    Lambeth road (dead end)
  15. Tune hotel
    120 westminster bridge road. N. L
  16. Vauxhall police station
    Mead row. N (east Kennington road)
  17. Walcott square
    Kennington road. E
  18. West square
    Austral street. F. (N. Brook street)
  19. London school of economics
    Houghton street. N. F
  20. Novello theatre
    Aldwych. N. L
  21. Strand continental hotel
    Strand. S. L. Bridge
  22. Temple station
    Temple place. S. R
  23. Bentley hotel
    Harrington gardens. S
  24. Clareville street
    Clareville grove. W. Entrance from old Brompton road
  25. Crown plaza, Kensington
    Cromwell road. N. L
  26. Harrington hall hotel.
    Harrington gardens. S
  27. Hereford square
    Gloucester road. W
  28. Holiday inn. Kensington forum
    Courtfield road. S
  29. Millennium Bailey's hotel
    Courtfield road. S
  30. Millennium Gloucester hotel
    Harrington gardens
  31. Ashburn gardens
    Courtfield road. Link to west point flats
  32. Campbell court
    Gloucester road. E
  33. L'Etranger restaurant
    Gloucester road. W
  34. Montana hotel
    Gloucester road. E
  35. Point west. Flats
    158 Cromwell road. N. L
  36. Southwell gardens
    Grenville place. S. Crowell gardens
  37. Cardiff hotel
    Norfolk square. S. L
  38. Front line restaurant
    Norfolk place. NE. R
  39. Gloucester square
    Strathearn place. N. Sussex place
  40. Hilton Paddington
    Prade street. NW
  41. Norfolk Tower hotel
    Norfolk place. SW. L
  42. St. Mary's Hospital
    South Wharf road.
  43. Talbot square
    Sussex gardens. NW
  44. Wilson house
    Sussex gardens. NW
  45. Bayswater Inn
    Princes square. S
  46. Best western phonix hotel.
    Kensington gardens square. S
  47. Dawson place
    Chepstow road. E. W.
  48. Ilchester gardens
    Moscow road. N
  49. Kensington garden square
    Wastbourne grove. S
  50. Princes square
    Hereford road. E
  51. St. Sophia's Greek church
    Moscow road. N
  52. Umi hotel
    Leinster square. N. L
  53. Bonham carter house
    Gower street. E. L
  54. Byng place
    Gordon square. E. F
  55. CILIP.
    Ridgmount street. E
  56. Drill hall theatre
    Chenies street. S. R
  57. Eisenhower centre
    North crescent. Chenies street
  58. Institute of measurements
    Gower street. W. R. Torrington place. N
  59. London school of hygiene and tropical Med
    Keppel street. N. L
  60. University collage hospital
    Gower street. S. R
  61. Black lion house
    Whitechapel road. S
  62. Blind beggar pub
    Whitechapel road. Nw. L
  63. East London mosque
    Fieldgate street. S. R. Also Whitechapel road. SE
  64. Ford square
    Cavell street. E
  65. LHT Urban Bar
    Whitechapel road. SW. L
  66. O'Leary square
    Adelina Grove. N. L
  67. Whitechapel sports centre
    Durwood street. N. Dead end
  68. Whitechapel station
    Whitechapel road. NW. L
  69. Albert Gardens
    Commercial Road. S
  70. Avis square
    Westport street. W
  71. Bishop chancellor school
    Lukin street. E. Dead end
  72. Stepney taxi centre
    Lukin street. W. Dead end
  73. Devenport street
    Cable street. N
  74. Limehouse station
    Bekesbourne street. E. R
  75. Royal foundation of st. Katherine
    Butchers row. E
  76. Steel lane health centre
    Commercial road. N
  77. Wellesley street.
    Aylward street. N
  78. Amnesty British Section
    Rosebery avenue. NW
  79. Angel Southside flats
    Owen street. N. Dead end
  80. Brasserie on St. John street
    St. Johns street. E
  81. Chadwell street
    St. Johns street. W
  82. Finsbury old town hall.
    Rosebery avenue. SE
  83. Green terrace
    Gloucester way (EC1)). SW
  84. New river head (flats)
    Hardwick street. N. L
  85. Old Red Lion Theatre
    St. Johns street. E.
  86. Alice Owen technology centre
    Friend street. Goswell road
  87. The colonnade
    Warrington crescent. W
  88. The Warrington hotel
    Warrington crescent RBT
  89. Bigdolph road
    Elgin avenue
  90. Le' Cochenet restaurant
    Lauderdale road
  91. Paddington tennis and bowls club
    Castlelain road
  92. Ritherdon road
    Bedford Hill/Balham High Road
  93. Balham leisure centre
    Elmfield road. N
  94. Dr. Johnson Avenue
    Tooting Bec road/Hillbury road
  95. Elmbourne road
    Tooting bec road/Bedford hill
  96. Bushnell road
    Elmbourne road/Cloudsdale road
  97. Strathbourne road
    Elmbourne road
  98. Hilldreth market
    Bedford hill/balham high road
  99. High trees house
    Nightingale lane. N
  100. Nightingale square
    Endlesgam road. SW. Links to chestnut grove
  101. Ramsden road
    Balham high road/nightingale lane
  102. Queen Elizabeth house
    Nightingale lane. S
  103. Plunkett Chapel
    Nightingale lane. S
  104. Thurleigh road
    Ramsden road/ Wroughton road.
  105. canonbury academy
    Canonbury place. On bend. Alwyne villas
  106. Claremont Square
    Mylne street. N
  107. Craft council
    44 Pentoville road. N
  108. Filthy mcNasty's P.H
    Amwell street. E
  109. Harlequin P.H
    Arlington Way. E. L
  110. Lakorn Thai restaurant
    Rosebery avenue.NW. L
  111. Jury's London inn hotel
    Pemtoville road. N. L/B barons street point
  112. Lloyd square
    Lloyd street. S. Great Percy street (OW)
  113. Absolute radio
    1 Been SQ. NE. L
  114. Andrew Edmonds restaurant
    47 Lexington street. NE
  115. Aquaascutum/Austin reed store
    100 regent street. NE on bend. L
  116. Bob bob Ricard restaurant
    1 Upper St. James street. NE. L
  117. Marshall street complex
    Marshall street. NE. L
  118. Madam Jo Jo club
    8 brewer street. NW. L
  119. Studio Valbonne Club
    62. Kingly street. Set down. N. R. Beak street
  120. Sun & 13 cantons PH
    Great Pulteney street.
  121. Apple store W1
    235 regents street. SW
  122. Aqua restaurant
    30 Argyle street. W. L
  123. Bloomsbury book auction house
    24 Maddox street. NW.
  124. Carnaby street
    Great Marlborough street. S
  125. Courthouse hotel
    Great Marlborough street. N
  126. Liberty department store
    20 Great Marlborough street. S
  127. Oxford street youth hostel
    19 Noel street. S
  128. Sketch restaurant and bar
    9 Conduit street
  129. Beaufort house
    Gravel lane. SE
  130. Bishopgate police station
    170 Bishopgate. SE
  131. Coopers hall
    Devonshire square. NE
  132. Cutlets Gardens
    Cutlets street. F. NE
  133. Old tea warehouse
    4 Creechurch lane. N. R
  134. Petticoat square
    Middlesex street. Sw
  135. Spanish & Portuguese synagogue
    Bevis Marks. SW. L
  136. Stone house court
    Houndsdich. NW. On bend.
  137. K-10 restaurant
    Copthall Avenue. EC2. E. L
  138. London Metropolitan University
    84 Moorgate. E.
  139. M & S Moorgate
    70 Finsbury pavement. E
  140. Moor House
    London wall. N. L
  141. Moorgate hall
    Moorgate. W. L
  142. Parker McMillan Bar
    Chiswell St. N
  143. Postern (flats)
    Wood St. W
  144. Rack & Tenter PH
    45 Moorefields. W
  145. Alwyne SQ.
    Canonbury park north. NW
  146. Beresford terrace
    Petherton Rd. E. Highbury New Park. E
  147. Harecourt United Church
    Pauls road. N
  148. John Spencer Court.
    Prior Bolton Sq. N. L. St. Marys grove. N. F
  149. John Kennedy Court.
    Newington Green Road. W. On bend
  150. Northampton Park
    St. Pauls Road. N. L
  151. Snooty Fox. PH
    Grosvenor Avenue. S. L also Wallace road. E.
  152. Canonbury station
    Wallace road. W
  153. Moorgate station
    Moorgate. W. L
  154. Spring Gardens
    Grosvenor avenue. N/ Highbury new park. S
  155. Canonbury academy
    6 Canonbury place. Through Alwyne Villas
  156. Canonbury Gastro pup
    21 Canonbury place. NW
  157. Canonbury tower
    8 Canonbury place. SW
  158. Compton Arms. PH
    4 Compton AV. E
  159. Estoric collection.
    Canonbury road. E corner with sq. N
  160. Marquess Tavern Gastro pub.
    32 Canonbury street. NE. Sd R. LB L
  161. Union chapel
    18 Compton terrace. E. L
  162. Ziloufs restaurant
    270 upper street. E
  163. Eamont street
    Mackennal St. NW
  164. Prince regent court
    10 Avenue road. NE
  165. RAK recording studios
    42 Charlbert St. NE
  166. St. Marylebone Almshouses
    St. Johns Wood Terrace. NW
  167. St. Stephens Close
    Avenue road. NE
  168. Townshend estate
    Allitsen road. NW
  169. Victory Court
    Prince Albert Road. NW
  170. Woronzo Road
    St. Joins Wood Terrace. Nw. Crosses Acacia road and ends up queens grove.
  171. Townshend road
    Allitsen road. Nw. Prince Albert road. NW
  172. Narrow street
    Westferry causeway/ branch road/three coat street
  173. Blyth's wharf
    60 Narrow Street. S
  174. Coursing Associations
    1 Northey Street. NW/ shoulder of Matton Ally
  175. Mosaic building
    Narrow street. N. R.
  176. Roy square/water garden
    Narrow street. N
  177. St. Georges Sq.
    Narrow street. N. sd R. lb L
  178. The Narrow PH
    44 Narrow street. S
  179. Three Colts street
    Limehouse cutaway. N / commercial road. S
  180. Westferry DLR station
    Limehouse causeway. N/S
  181. Barrow hill road
    St. Johns wood high street
  182. Cochrane street
    Wellington place
  183. Harry Morgan's restaurant
    31 st. Johns wood high street
  184. Lords view
    St. Johns wood road. Se.
  185. North gate flats
    Prince Albert road. NW
  186. St. Johns wood taxi rank.
    Wellington crescent. SE
  187. St. Johns wood police station.
    New court street. SE. Of greenburry street.
  188. Bampton Estate
    Windrush lane. S
  189. Bell Green
    Perry rise. S
  190. Catford squash club
    Ruben street. E. F. R-Datchet rd. L-Durford rd.
  191. Forest Green Bowling Green
    23 Wynell Rd. S
  192. German evangelical church
    Dacres road. W
  193. Perrystreet (flats)
    Perry Vale. SW
  194. Silverdale
    Dacres Rd. S. F
  195. Valentine court
    Perry vale. N & S. L & R
  196. Chester square
    Elizabeth street. NE. LR
  197. Eaton terrace.
    Ebury st. LR. Also from Eaton Gate
  198. Eabury SQ.
    Semley place. SW
  199. Fountain SQ.
    Bullied way. L.
  200. Gatwick Express
    The Raff. Eccleston Bridge.
  201. Lime tree hotel.
    135. Ebury street.SE.
  202. National Audit Office
    157 Buckingham Palace Road. SE
  203. Victoria coach station. arrivals
    Eccalston place. NW. R
  204. Colonies P.H.
    25 Wilfred st. SE. R.
  205. Duchy of Cornwall
    10 Buckingham Gate. SE
  206. Friary Court
    Marlborough road.SW
  207. Guards museum
    Birdcage walk. S
  208. Queens gallery
    Buckingham gate. NW
  209. Swaziland High Commission
    Buckingham Gate. SW
  210. Three I's house
    16 Palace st. SW
  211. Wellington Barracks
    Petty France. N. L
  212. Fkaxman sports centre
    Carew street. NE
  213. Gordon grove
    Flaxman road. W. Laughbourgh rd
  214. Hern hill road
    Coldhatbour Lane. Se
  215. Hero of Switzerland P.h
    Coldharbour lane. SW
  216. Loughborough estate
    Loughborough rd. SW. NE.
  217. Mahatma ghandi trading estate
    Milk wood road. W
  218. Rayne institute
    Coldharbour lane. SE
  219. Shakespeare road.
    Coldharbour Lane. SE
  220. Brixton Market.
    Atlantic Road. SW
  221. Brixton BR station.
    Atlantic road. NE
  222. Brixton police station
    Gresham road. S. L
  223. Dogstar bar
    Coldharbour lane. SE
  224. International house
    Canterbury crescent. S. Corner with popy's rd.
  225. SW9 Bar
    Nursery road. E. Ferndale rd.
  226. Portland street
    Albany road. NW
  227. Amersham community centre
    Inville road. Se. But SW corner if Therlu street.
  228. Aylesbury estate
    East street. SE. On SW corner of Thurlou street.
  229. Cambridge house & Talbot
    131 Camberwell Rd. E or S Corner if Addington SQ.
  230. Chiltren House
    Portland st. SW
  231. Flint St
    Thurlou st. NW. Facing and East st. Nw.
  232. Michael Faraday Gardens
    Date st.SE
  233. Wells way
    Albany road. S
  234. Albert Wescott house
    Alberta St. SE
  235. Amelia St.
    Penton place. NE.
  236. Gilmour House
    Renfrew rd. W
  237. Hurley clinic
    Kennington lane. NW
  238. Jamyung buddhist centre
    Renfrew road. NE
  239. Lobster Pot restaurant.
    3 Kennington lane. S. L
  240. Opal street
    Kennington lane SE. LR. TR
  241. Walworth police station
    Manor place. NW
  242. Cineworld docklands
    Hertsmere Rd. N
  243. Docklands museum
    Hertsmere Rd. S
  244. Harold Scott house
    Birchfield street. W.
  245. Limehouse police station
    27 West India dock road. NE. L
  246. Marriot canary wharf
    22 hertsmere rd. S. Sd R. Lb L. Dead end
  247. Pope John house
    154 east India Dick road. S
  248. Poplar DLR station
    Castor lane. Sd R. Lb L.
  249. Wing's buffet restaurant
    6 east India Dock rd. S. L
  250. 999 club trust
    21 Deptford Broadway. NW. L
  251. Albyn road.
    Friendly st. NW
  252. Deptford bridge D. L. R station
    Deptford bridge. N
  253. Institute of music and technology
    17 Deptford Broadway. NW. L
  254. Meriton mansions
    Brookmill road. SW
  255. Seager distillery apartments
    5 Brookmill road. NE
  256. St. Johns station
    St. Johns vale. SE
  257. Sylvia cottages
    Brookmill road. SW.
  258. Bearspace gallery
    Bedford high street. E
  259. Birds nest P.H.
    Bedford church street. E.. L. RBT
  260. Dog & Bell P.H
    Prince street. S.
  261. Lady Florance Hall
    Deptford Broadway. NW. L
  262. Reginald SQ
    Reginald Road. S
  263. Royal Albert P.H
    460 New Cross Road. S
  264. St. Paul's parish church
    Crossfield Street. E. F
  265. Wave length pool
    Giffin st. N
  266. Ackroyd community centre
    14 Ackroyd rd. N. Sd R. LB L
  267. Boveny Rd
    Devonshire Rd. W/NW. TR
  268. Convent of the sacred heart
    Honour oak park. N. Bend
  269. Honour oak park station
    Honour oak park. N. L
  270. Oak hill court
    Honour oak park. N
  271. One tree hill recreation ground
    Honour oak park. N
  272. Devonshire Rd. Nature reserve
    Devonshire Rd. E.
  273. Honour oak station
    Honour oak park. N. L. TR Boveny Rd
  274. Oakhill court.
    Honour Oak Park. NW/N
  275. Champion Hill.
    Denmark Hill. SE
  276. Dulwich Hamlets F.C.
    Edgar Kall way.SW. F
  277. East Dulwich estate.
    Dog kennel hill. NE. L. Only
  278. Fox on the hill. P. H.
    149 Denmark hill. E
  279. The hamlet
    Champion Hill. NE
  280. Kings collage Hall
    Champion Hill. SW.
  281. Langford green estate
    Champion hill. NW.
  282. Pytchley road
    Bromer rd. SW. TR. Qurom rd as well
  283. William Booth memorial collage
    Champion Park. SE
  284. Denmark Hill station
    Windsor walk. SE
  285. Faraday house.
    Denmark Hill. W
  286. Institute of psychiatry
    De Crispuany park. SE.
  287. King collage dental centre.
    Coldecote road. NE. L
  288. Mauldsy hospital
    Denmark Hill. NE
  289. Ruskin house park estate
    Denmark Hill.. NE
  290. Flaxman rd
    Lilford Rd. SW
  291. Weston education centre
    Cutcombe rd. SW. L
  292. All Saints DLR Station
    East India dock rd. S
  293. Caraway Heights
    Poplar high street. S
  294. Greenwich pensioners PH
    Bazley street. W
  295. Tower hamlets collage
    Poplar high street. S
  296. Vietnamese pastoral centre
    Poplar high street. S
  297. Will crooks estate
    Poplar high street. N
  298. Work house leisure centre
    Poplar high street. S
  299. Cumberland mills square
    Saunders Ness road SE
  300. Firemans memorial
    Sextant avenue. E. F. E Saunders ness road
  301. George green centre
    Manchester road. SE
  302. Greenwich foot tunnel
    Saunders Ness road. S
  303. Island Garden DLR station
    Manchester road. N
  304. Isle of dogs police station
    Manchester road. Se
  305. madchute farm.
    Pier street. E. F. E off Manchester road
  306. Poplar & district rowing club
    Boat house. Ferry street. S corner Saunders ness road
  307. Glenwoth AV.
    Manchester road. SE
  308. Albert square
    Forest lane. N
  309. Cafe Mondo at the library
    The Grove. E. L
  310. Gerry Raffels square
    Sawley rd. SW. Gt. East rd. SE
  311. Golden grove PH
    The Grove. W. L. Grove crescent TR
  312. King Edward the VII gustropub
    Stratford Broadway. SE. L. Exit to tram way AV. Only
  313. Maryland station
    Layton stone high road. S
  314. Solar house
    Romford road. N
  315. Westfield Stratford
    Westfield avenue. NE
  316. Theatre royal, Stratford
    Salway road. F. Also SE. Gt eastern road.
  317. Aspers Casino
    Montfichet rd. NW
  318. Bridge house.
    High street Stratford. NW. L
  319. East Thames house
    Tram way avenue. W
  320. Chant sq
    Chant street. NE. Sd R lb R
  321. Goose in Stratford P. H
    Broadway. Stratford. NW. R
  322. The heights apartments
    Salway rd. SW. F or great east road. SE. R
  323. The picture house
    Salway rd. SW. F or great east road. SE. R
  324. Grove crescent
    The grove. W
  325. Stratford station.
    Meridian Sq. SW. L
  326. London chest hospital
    Bonner road. NE
  327. Approach estate
    Approach road. NW
  328. Cyprus street war memorial
    Cyprus street. S (opposite Cyprus place)
  329. Florist PH
    Globe road. W. L
  330. Millennium place
    Parmiter street. S
  331. Rains foundation school
    Approach road. SE
  332. Approach Tavern
    Approach Road. NW
  333. Silk garden apartment
    Parmiter st. N
  334. Ted Roberts house
    Parmiter st. S
  335. Bethnal Green BR station
    Three colts lane. S
  336. Bethnal green police station
    12 Victoria park square. E. L
  337. Bethnal green underground station
    Roman rd. S. Also Cambridge heath rd.
  338. Green heath business centre
    Three colts lane. N
  339. Sunlight square
    Birkbeck street. W. F
  340. K. P. M Taxi UK
    Hemming street. E-W,
  341. Wilmot street
    Three colts lane. N to Bethnal green rd
  342. Bermondsey station
    Jamaica rd. S. L
  343. Cherry gardens pier.
    Bermondsey wall east. N opp cherry garden street
  344. Famous angel P.H
    Bermondsey wall east. N corner with Cathy street.
  345. Kings stairs
    Bermondsey wall east. N.
  346. Fountain green square
    Bermondsey wall east. N. Bovington street. N. F
  347. Kirby estate
    Southwark park road. E
  348. New place square
    Drummond road. E
  349. Poppy Hanna restaurant
    Jamaica road. S. L
  350. Scott Sufference wharf
    Mill street. SE16. NW. L
  351. China wharf
    Bermondsey wall west. NE. L
  352. Elizabeth square
    Sovereign square. Rotherhithe st. N
  353. Fredrick square
    Sovereign square. Rotherhithe st. N
  354. Hellena Sq
    Sovereign square. Rotherhithe st. N
  355. Lavender pump museum
    Rotherhithe street. S
  356. Mayflower PH
    Rotherhithe street. N W. Marychurch st. NW. F
  357. New Caledonian Wharf
    Odessa street. E
  358. Old salt quay P. H
    Rotherhithe street. NW. Sd-r. Lb-L
  359. Surry Docks farm
    Rotherhithe street. S.
  360. Swan road
    Brunel rd. NW. Links to Rotherhithe street.
  361. Bredgar (flats)
    Lewisham park. S. Lewisham HS. E
  362. Jolly farmer PH
    Lewisham HS. W
  363. Ladywell leisure centre
    Lewisham high street. E. L.
  364. Lewisham Irish community centre
    Davenport road. S
  365. Malling (flats)
    Lewisham park. S. Lewisham HS. E
  366. Motown soul club
    Rushey green. E. L
  367. Plummer court
    Lewisham park. S. L
  368. St. Mauritius house
    Lewisham park. N. L
  369. Ladywell station
    Railway terrace. E. SD-L. LB-R
  370. Francis drake bowling club
    Hilly Fields crescent. S. Vicars hill our Montague avenue.
  371. Ladywell arena
    Silverman rd. N. F. Albacore. crescent. Medusa rd.
  372. Lewisham and Kent Islamic centre
    Lewisham high street. E
  373. Lewisham coroners court
    Ladywell road. S
  374. Lewisham fire station
    259 Lewisham high street. E
  375. Lewisham registry office
    Lewisham high road. W
  376. Whitburn road
    Wearside road
  377. Bellenden pizzeria
    Bellenden rd.. W
  378. Dulwich constitutional club
    East Dulwich grove. S
  379. Dulwich leisure centre
    Crystal palace road. W
  380. East Dulwich tavern
    Lordship lane. E
  381. Goose green centre
    Eat Dulwich road. S
  382. Melbourne groove.
    Lordship lane. NW to grove vale. S
  383. Oxenford road.
    Coplestone road. E. R
  384. The Vale P. H
    Grove vale. N
  385. Barcelona restaurant
    Lordship lane. NE
  386. Dawson heights estate
    Overhill road. NW
  387. Firemans alley
    Lordship lane. SW
  388. Grove tavern
    Lordship lane. SW (corner with Dulwich common)
  389. Langton Rise
    Underhill road. NW. Links to overhill
  390. Sunderland court
    Lordship lane. NE
  391. Wood vale.
    Lordship lane. N
  392. Arizona club
    Marylebone road. NW. L
  393. B.N.P Paribas House
    Harwood avenue. NE
  394. Charter nightingale hospital
    Lisson Grove. SW
  395. Marathon House
    Marylebone road. NW. L
  396. Travel lodge. Marylebone
    Harwood Row. NW
  397. Seashell Restaurant
    Lisson grove. SE
  398. Enford Street
    York street. NW
  399. Marylebone station
    Melcome place. NW
  400. Warwick station
    Warwick avenue. NW
  401. Amadeus Centre
    Shirland road. SW
  402. Bridge House P.H
    Westbourne terrace road. NW
  403. Clifton village
    Clifton gardens. SW
  404. John Aird court
    Howley place. SE.
  405. Park place villas.
    Vale rd. SE
  406. Little Venice
    Blomfield road. SE. On one way corner with Warwick avenue
  407. Manor house court
    Warrington gardens. SE
  408. Warwick avenue taxi rank
    Warwick avenue. NE. R
  409. Warwick castle P.H
    Warwick place. NW. Sd. R. Lb-l and r
  410. Globe lawn tennis club
    Haverstock hill. NE
  411. Homefield court
    Belsize Grove NW
  412. Isokon (flats)
    Lawn road. W
  413. Belsize library
    Antrim grove. Corner with Antrim road NE. Off England Lane
  414. Primrose Gardens
    England lane. NW. Links to Belsize grove
  415. Screen on the hill
    Haverstock hill. SW
  416. South Hampstead synagogue
    Eaton villas. SW. NW corner with Eaton road
  417. Hill P. H
    Haverstock hill. Nw
  418. Blashford Tower
    Adelaide road. S. NE corner of prime rise hill road
  419. Elliott square
    Elsworthy rise. SW
  420. Hampstead britannia hotel.
    Fellows road. S. (links via steeles rd to haverstock hill)
  421. Odettes restaurant
    Regent's park road. E
  422. Primrose hill court.
    King Henrys rd. S also north on Oppidan rd.
  423. Spring health club
    Belsize park gardens. SW
  424. The Washington p.h
    England lane NW
  425. Brent association of disable people
    Harlsden road. W
  426. Frontenac estate
    Donnigton rd. N
  427. Nuffield health centre
    Sidmouth rd. SE
  428. Petre avenue
    Donnington rd. N,, links to Harlesden rd
  429. Robson avenue
    Harelsden rd. S and N
  430. Willsden community hospital
    Harelsden rd. W
  431. Willsden sports centre.
    Doddington rd. S
  432. World spiritual university
    Pound lane. SW
  433. Craven park
    Church rd. SW and craven park rd NW
  434. Artesian business centre
    Artesian close. E off brentfield rd.
  435. Brent adult college
    1 Brentfield rd. W
  436. Caribbean cultural organisation
    Minet avenue. SW. Entrant from fairlight avenue from Acton lane
  437. Craven park nursing home
    Craven road. NW. R
  438. Fortunegate road
    Craven park road. NE
  439. Harlesdane police station
    76 craven park. E
  440. Harlesdane workingman club "steps"
    61 craven park rd. SW
  441. Odeon court
    Craven park road. SW
  442. Linden gardens
    Cheswick high road. S
  443. Barley mow p.h
    Barley mow passage. N. Sd-l. Lb-r
  444. Sam's brasserie
    Barley mow passage. S. Sd-r. Lb-l
  445. Barley mow centre
    Barley mow passage. S. Sd-r. Lb-l
  446. Chiswick catholic centre
    Dukes avenue. W
  447. Chiswick health centre
    Dolman rd. L. LB Fishers lane. Enter from Belmont rd.
  448. Cheswick police station
    Chiswick high road. S
  449. Foubert's Hotel
    Turnham green terrace. E (ice cream)
  450. High road house hotel
    Chiswick high road. N
  451. Old cinema antique centre
    Chiswick high road. N
  452. William Hogarth stature
    Out side 147 Chiswick high road
  453. Burlington lane
    Hogarth rbt. And Sutton court road.
  454. Chiswick cemetery
    Staveley road SW
  455. Chiswick station
    Burlington lane. S
  456. Chiswick pool
    Edensor rd. SE
  457. Chiswick war memorial homes
    Burlington lane. S
  458. Hogarth house
    Hogarth lane. S. L. Leave by Sutton court road
  459. Moldavian embassy
    Dolphin sq. Edensor rd. SE
  460. Old station house p.h
    Grove park rd. SE. Corner with Spencer rd
  461. Reef restaurant
    Burlington rd. N
  462. Croft house.
    West hill. NW
  463. Keswick heights
    28 Keswick rd. NW
  464. Lodge best western Hotel
    Upper Richmond rd. N (NE)
  465. Pines nursing home
    West hill. NW
  466. Portinscale estate
    Portinscale rd. NE. SW. Links to keswick rd from west hill
  467. Royal hospital for neuro-disabilities
    West hill. SE
  468. SW15H (flats)
    Upper Richmond road. SW.
  469. West hill road
    West hill. SE. Opp Keswick rd
  470. Hilton Olympia hotel
    Kensington High st. NW. L
  471. Bristol cars
    Kensington High st. NW. L
  472. Fitzjames avenue
    Fitzgeorge avenue. sw. both link north end rd to Auriol rd so got right onto Hammersmith rd
  473. Kensington west (flats)
    Blyth rd. NW
  474. Ruby mansion.
    Bishops kings rd. Se.
  475. Kensington village
    Avonmore rd. SE. F. Exit lisgar terrace.. To sw. Matherson rd. Stanwick rd and north end crescent
  476. Kensington Olympia station
    Olympia way. NE. Exit maclice rd and Beaconsfield terrace
  477. Oakewood court
    Abbotsbury road. SW
  478. Belvedere restaurant
    Holland park. Abbotsbury rd. NE
  479. Byron hamburgers
    . Kensington high street. NW
  480. Cibo restaurant
    Russell gardens. NW
  481. Holland house youth hustle
    Holland park. Ilchester place. NW
  482. Leighton house museum
    Holland park rd. NW
  483. Manderley (flats)
    Oakwood court. NW
  484. M.E.I.C house
    Kensington high street. NW. Corner with Addison road.
  485. Melbury court
    Melbury rd. NE
  486. Napier road
    Addison road. Sw. R. Links back to Holland road.
  487. Dibbin house
    203 maida vale. Sw. SE corner of Kilburn park rd
  488. Glasgow house.
    Lanark AV. NE
  489. Kilburn park station
    Cambridge avenue. NW
  490. Monterey studios
    239 Kilburn lane. N
  491. R.S.P.C.A animal memorial clinic
    Cambridge avenue. SE
  492. Saatchi synagogue
    Andover pave. SW
  493. Paddington recreation ground. North
    Carlton vale. S
  494. Paddington recreation ground. South
    Grantuly rd. NW
  495. Bronte house
    Cambridge rd. SE. Sd, r. Lb, l
  496. Chevning road
    Bronsberry park. Sw
  497. Igar hotel
    Salusbury road. SW
  498. Imam khoei Islamic centre
    Chevning rd. SE
  499. Kendall rise station
    Station terrace. NW. L. Enter via. station terrace. F-dagnar gardens. R station terrace
  500. Maggie bar
    Chamberlayne rd. SW
  501. Marda house.
    Brondesbury park. NE
  502. Queens studios
    Salusbury road. NE
  503. St. Anne's & St. Andrews church
    123 Salusbury rd. NE
  504. Tiverton rd.
    Chevening rd. NW. Links to the avenue NE & wrentham sw
  505. Bangladesh high commission
    Queens gate. W. L
  506. Bremner rd
    Queens gate. E. Jay mews. W
  507. Gore hotel.
    Queens gate. E. L
  508. Bulgarian embassy
    Queens gate. E. L
  509. Jhon Howard hotel
    Queens gate. W. L
  510. Oman embassy
    Queens gate. E. L
  511. Queens gate gardens
    Queens gate place. S
  512. Royal school of mines
    Prince consort road. S
  513. Highgate station.
    Priory gardens. W. F. from shepherds Hill
  514. Boogaloo. PH
    Archway road. NE
  515. Caipirinha jazz bar
    Archway road. SW
  516. Fitzroy court
    Shepherds hill. NW
  517. Goldsmith court
    Shepherds Hill. SE
  518. Highgate library
    Shepherds Hill. NW
  519. Jackson lane art centre
    Archway rd. SW
  520. London mennonite centre
    Shepherds Hill. SE
  521. St. Gilles language College
    Shepherds hill. NW
  522. Ampthill square estate
    Barnby st. N. F. SW off eversholt st.
  523. Oakley square.
    Crown dale road. S
  524. Camden studios
    Camden street. NE. L. SE corner of Plender st.
  525. Greater London house
    Hampstead road. W. L
  526. Harrington square.
    Hampstead road. E. R
  527. Morning crescent station
    Millbrook place. SE.. L
  528. St. Matthews lodge.
    Oakley square. NE
  529. Theatro Technis
    Crowndale road. N
  530. Working men college
    Crowndale road. N
  531. Vartry rd
    Seven sisters road. SE
  532. Amhurst hotel.
    Amhurst park. S
  533. Cara housing association
    Eade. Rd. N. NW courbet with seven sisters road
  534. Florentia village
    Vale road. SE.
  535. Jubb Powell house
    Vartry road. S
  536. Our lady convent high school
    Amhurst park. N
  537. Paignton park
    Richmond road.. NE
  538. Stamford hill station
    Amhurst park. S. L
  539. Woodberry tavern p.h
    Seven sisters road. SE
  540. Harringay station
    Quernmore road. NE. F
  541. Chettle court
    Ridge road. E. F. x oak field road
  542. Churchill court
    Connaught road. Nw. between Lancaster road and oakfield road
  543. Ferme park road.
    Mount view road. Links nw to Tottenham lane. X Weston park
  544. The heights
    Mount view road. N
  545. Otway court
    Granville road. SW
  546. Ridge road
    Oakfield road. SW. Links to Ferme park road
  547. Stationers park
    Denton road. SW. Links from Weston park to mount view road
  548. Stroud green library
    Stapleton hall road. NE
  549. Brixton prison
    Jebb avenue. W. F
  550. Euston station
    Melton st. NE
  551. Bloomsbury theatre
    Gordon street. SW
  552. Euston square hotel
    North Gower street. NE
  553. Friends house
    Euston road. SE. L
  554. Ibis. Euston hotel
    Cardington. Street. SW
  555. Magic circle
    Stephenson Way. Nw. L
  556. Methodist international centre
    Euston street. SE. L
  557. Transport & salaried staff association
    Melton street. SW
  558. Welcome institute
    Euston road. SE. L
  559. Vicarage crescent
    Westbridge road. SW
  560. Battersea church road
    Battersea bridge road. SW
  561. The prince of Wales, Battersea
    Battersea bridge road. SW. L
  562. Hotel Rafayel
    Lombard road. W
  563. Oyster wharf
    Lombard road. W
  564. Melanzana bar
    Westbridge road. NW. Corner with Battersea church road
  565. Riverains (flats)
    Vicarage crescent. NW
  566. Royal academy of dancing.
    Battersea square. Vicarage crescent. SE
  567. Salesian collage
    Surrey lane. Sw. Also S of psrkham st
  568. Thai on the river, restaurant
    Lombard road. W
  569. Thomas's Battersea school
    Battersea high street. W. Sd L. Lb R
  570. Brixton prison
    Jebb Avenue
  571. Dumbarton court.
    Brixton hill. NW
  572. Dumbarton road
    Lyham road. E. Links to Brixton hill
  573. Upper Tules Hill
    Brixton Hill. SE links to Tulse Hill
  574. Lyham road.
    Kings avenue. SE
  575. Marie stopes international clinic
    1 Raleigh Gardens. Brixton Hill. SE
  576. Music bar
    Brixton Hill. NW, just above Jebb avenue
  577. Negril restaurant
    Brixton hill. NW
  578. Olive Morris house
    Brixton Hill. NW. Just south of Baytree rd.
  579. Tudor close
    Brixton Hill. SE
  580. New end square
    New End. E. F
  581. Burgh house museum
    New end square. NE.
  582. Fenton house museum
    Hampstead grove. W
  583. The flask P.H
    Flask walk. SE. L, corner with Back lane.
  584. Hampstead underground station
    Hampstead high street. NE
  585. Squires mount.
    Cannon place. NW. Links to East heath road.
  586. Wells tavern
    Well walk. SE. Burner with Christchurch hill
  587. Village Shul centre
    New End. N. L
  588. Ye old white bear.
    Well road. SE
  589. Hornsey coroners court
    Myddleton road. E. F
  590. Hornsey fire station
    Park avenue south. E. Sd L. Lb LR
  591. Middle lane
    Priory Road. S
  592. Moravian church
    Priory Road. Slip. N
  593. Nightingale lane
    Priory road. N
  594. Redston road
    Park avenue north. N
  595. Air Malta. H.Q
    Upper Richmond road. N
  596. Belveder court
    Upper Richmond road. N.
  597. Eileen lecky health clinic
    Clarendon drive. N corner with charlwood road
  598. Hotman road.
    Felsham rd. W. F links to Erpingham road
  599. Putney bus garage
    Chelverton road. N. Sd LR. LB L
  600. Putney leisure centre
    Dryburgh rd. W
  601. Putney & Wimbledon synagogue
    Chelverton road. S. Sd LR. LB R
  602. Crouch hall road
    Berkley road. SW
  603. Honeymoon restaurant
    Park road. SW
  604. Kestrel house school
    Crouch hill. NE
  605. Oui restaurant
    Middle lane. E
  606. Monkey nuts restaurant
    Park road. NE. W corner with middle lane
  607. Spiazzo Italian food hall
    The Broadway. Couch hill. E
  608. St James restaurant
    Middle lane. Topsfield parade. E
  609. Spring hill
    Clapton common. NE
  610. Cathedral church of God
    Rockwood rd. E
  611. Kadimah hotel.
    Clapton common. NE
  612. Hackney. R. F. C
    Spring hill. NE. Sd. L. Lb r
  613. Spring hill sports centre
    Spring hill. NE. Sd. L. Lb r
  614. Keir Hardie estate.
    Springfield. S
  615. New synagogue
    Egerton road. S. corner with brookwood road
  616. Watermint quay
    Craven walk. NE. F
  617. Webb estate.
    Clapton common. NE
  618. Bell manor
    East heath road. N
  619. Hampstead square
    Heath street. E. Exit via Elm Row
  620. Inverfoth house
    North end way. W
  621. Jack Straw Castle house
    North end way. W
  622. Lower terrace
    Frognal Rise. NE
  623. Old bull & bush P.H
    North end way. E
  624. Queen Mary hospital.
    Holford. Rd. SW.
  625. Savoy court
    West heath road. S
  626. Streatham hill station
    Streatham high rd. W. L
  627. Belmont bowls club
    Broadlands avenue. S.
  628. Leigham court hotel
    Leigham court road. SW
  629. Blairberry road
    Ardwell road. S
  630. Streatham Odeon
    Streatham high road. E. L
  631. Streatham close
    Leigham court road. NE
  632. South London press
    Leigham court road. SW
  633. Streatham constitutional club
    Leigham court road. NE
  634. Woodfield avenue
    Drewstead road. S
  635. Albion riverside building
    Hester rd. N but sd & lb Elcho st only
  636. Battersea police station.
    Battersea bridge road
  637. Carlye's house
    cheyne row.. NE
  638. Meadbank nursing home
    5 Parkgate road. SE
  639. Pier house
    Oakley st. SW
  640. Ransomes dock restaurant
    35 parkgate rd. NW
  641. The Butchers Grill
    Parkgate Rd. NW
  642. St. Mary le park court
    Albert bridge road. SW
  643. Waterside point (flats)
    Anhalt. NW. But Se off Albert bridge rd.
  644. Covington way
    Streatham common south. SE
  645. Fern lodge estate
    Leigham court road. E
  646. Henry Tate mews
    Streatham common north. N
  647. Waterfront Bar
    Streatham high road. SW. Corner with Greyhound lane. Voss court TR
  648. Voss court
    Streatham common south. TR. Links back to Streatham high road
  649. East Putney station
    Upper Richmond road. S
  650. Alice court.
    Deodra rd. E
  651. Blades court
    Deodar rd. E
  652. Brazilian naval commission
    Upper Richmond road. N
  653. Cambridge house
    Upper Richmond road. N
  654. Oxford house
    Upper Richmond road. N
  655. Putney station restaurant
    Upper Richmond road. NE
  656. Wandsworth county court
    Upper Richmond road. NE
  657. Hurlingham rowing club
    Deador road. N
  658. Putney school of arts
    Oxford road. NW
  659. Canal museum
    New wharf road. W
  660. Ice wharf
    All saints steer. N
  661. Kings cross centre
    York way. E. L
  662. Kind cross exchange
    Tileyard rd. N
  663. Lincoln lounge bar
    York way. E. R
  664. Nat. Council for voluntary organisation
    Regents wharf. All saints road
  665. Railway street
    Balfe street. W. R
  666. York central
    York way. E
  667. Kings cross under ground
    Pancrass road. NE
  668. Pancrass international
    Pancrass road. SW
  669. Kings cross main line
    Pancrass road. NE
  670. Haringey magistrate court
    Bishop road. W
  671. High point
    North road. W
  672. Highgate private hospital
    View road. NW
  673. Highgate probation office
    Telfer house, church road. SE
  674. Highgate synagogue
    Grimshaw close. S. Is W off north road.
  675. Kipling restaurant
    North hill. NE
  676. Broadlands rd
    North hill. SW. To bishopwood rd.
  677. Stormont rd.
    Hampstead lane. N. Links to denewood road
  678. Talbot road
    The park. NW. Links to archway road. X church road
  679. Seven sisters station
    Seven sisters road. NW
  680. Apex house
    Seven sister road. SE
  681. College of north east London
    Town hall approach. SW
  682. Sycamore gardens (flats)
    High road Tottenham. W. L
  683. Tottenham green Ent. Centre
    Town hall approach. SW. L &R
  684. Tottenham green leisure centre
    Phillip lane. S
  685. Westerfield road
    West green rd. S. Southfield rd. N
  686. Tottenham green cut through
    High road Tottenham. R. Tott green east. F-tynemouth rd. L-antil rd. R-broad lane
  687. Ernie grant art centre
    Turn hall approach. SW
  688. Warwick grove
    Upper Clapton road. W
  689. Anchor & hope PH
    High hill ferry. But sd-l on Harrington hill. NW and NE off mount pleasant lane
  690. Dehavilland house
    Theydon road. W (N off mount pleasant hill)
  691. Interchange east industrial estate
    Mount pleasant hill. N
  692. Lea view house
    Springfield. S
  693. Wigan house.
    Warwick grove. N
  694. Wrens park house
    Warwick grove. S
  695. Angel station
    Islington high street. E. L
  696. Angel square
    Torrens street. NW. Sd. L. Also Islington high street. E
  697. Camden passage antiques
    Islington high street (access via Duncan street). Also access via Charlton place from colebrooke row.
  698. Charles lamb gastropub
    Elia street. NE (access from Nelson terrace)
  699. Eritean embassy
    White lion street. N
  700. Frederick's restaurant
    Islington high street (access via Duncan street)
  701. National autistic society
    City road. N
  702. Regent house
    Islington high street. E. L
  703. Vincent terrace
    Colebroke row . E (links to st. Peters street)
  704. Business design centre.
    Berners rd. N. Sd. R. Lb l. Mini rbt for tr.
  705. Islington Hilton
    Berners rd. N. Sd. R. Lb l. Mini rbt for tr.
  706. N1 shopping centre
    Liverpool d. E
  707. America gardens
    Endyminion road. S
  708. Eade road
    Hermitage road and 7 sister roads
  709. Florentina village
    Vale road. Link way from eade road
  710. La Vina restaurant
    3 Wightman road. W
  711. London Shelton hotel
    Wightman road. E
  712. Old ale emporium PH
    Green lanes. W
  713. Rowley gardens
    Woodbury grove. NW
  714. Salsbury road.
    St. Anns road. W. F link to green lanes.
  715. St Ann's hospital
    St Ann's road. S
  716. Belveder court
    Lyttelton road. N
  717. Brim hill
    Deansway. W. Links to ossulton way
  718. Hampstead garden suburb library
    Market place. Lyttelton road. N. Entrance from hill rise. W
  719. Hampstead garden synagogue
    Norice lea. W. (use deacons rise to link to winnington road to go rest)
  720. Hampstead heights
    Heath view. South off eat end road
  721. Hilltop
    Ossulton way. W
  722. kerem Jewish school
    Norice lea. W. (use deacons rise to link to winnington road to go rest)
  723. Nazareth house
    East end road. S
  724. Apothecaries hall
    Blackfriers lane. S. F. Use pilgrim st
  725. City Thames link station
    Ludgate hill. S
  726. Ludgate Sq.
    Ludgate hill. S (exit via Creed lane)
  727. Santander house
    Limeburner lane. E. R
  728. Snow hill police station.
    Snow hill. NE
  729. Stationer hall
    Stationer hall court. Ave Maria lane. W
  730. Warwick sq.
    Warwick lane. W
  731. Royal oak station
    Lords hill bridge. E. L
  732. Carlton gate.
    Harrow road. S. Elmfield way. F
  733. The colonnade (flats)
    Porchester SQ. SE and Porchester terrace SW
  734. Disable living foundation
    Harrow road. N
  735. George Low Court
    Bourne terrace. NW
  736. Harbour club
    Alfred road. SE. Sd-l. Lb-r
  737. Naim Dangoor centre
    Harrow road. SW
  738. Porchester Hall
    Porchester road. W
  739. Porchester centre
    Queensway. N. L
  740. Woodchester SQ
    Senior street. N
  741. Barons court station
    Gliddon road. W
  742. Barons keep
    Gliddon road. E
  743. Charting cross hospital. A&E
    St. Dunstan road SE
  744. Curtain up theatre pub
    Comeragh rd. NW
  745. Gunterstone rd
    Gliddon road. E but no entrance
  746. Hammersmith & north London college
    Gliddon road. W
  747. L.A.M.D.A
    Talgarth road. S. L
  748. Queens club
    Palliser road. S. F. Entrance from. Comeragh road and Vereker rd
  749. Dulwich college
    Dulwich common. S
  750. Leigham avenue
    Streatham high road. E
  751. Bar 61
    Streatham high road. E. L
  752. Gracefield gardens
    Woodleigh gardens. S
  753. The high (flats)
    Streatham high road. E. L
  754. Manor court
    Leigham avenue. SW.
  755. Mount Nod road
    Leigham court rd. Nw. Access from
  756. 19 restaurant
    19 high parade, Streatham high road. E. L
  757. Streatham court
    Streatham high road. E. L
  758. Dulwich cricket & sports gardens
    Burbage road. SW
  759. Dulwich sports club
    Giant archers road. SE. Sd-l. Lb-r
  760. Herne Hill cycle track
    Burbage road. NE
  761. J. A. G sports ground
    Red post hill. NE
  762. North Dulwich station
    Red post hill. NE. L (use half moon lane as TR)
  763. Pond mead estate.
    Village easy. N
  764. Sunray Gardens
    Elmwood road. NW. Also red post hill
  765. Dulwich college
    Dulwich common. S
  766. Blew house radiance
    College road. SW
  767. Dulwich College. Junior & lower school
    Hunts slip road. NW
  768. Dulwich and Sydenham golf club
    Grange lane. N. LB-r. Sd-l
  769. Ivyholme residance
    College road. SW
  770. London only tollgate
    College road.
  771. Kingsdale school
    Allyen park. E
  772. Park Hall Road
    Allyen park. SW
  773. Pond cottage
    College road. NE
  774. British interplanatary society
    27 south Lambeth road. E. L
  775. Cobalt square
    South Lambeth road. E. L
  776. The panoramic (flats)
    Grosvenor road. SE. L
  777. Peninsula heights
    Albert embankment. W
  778. Riverwalk house
    Milbank. SE. L
  779. St. Georges wharf
    24 Wandsworth road. NW. L
  780. Lackington st.
    Finsbury sq. E
  781. Dominion st.
    Lackington st. S. Links to south place
  782. Triangle house
    Albert embankment. W.
  783. Vauxhall bus terminal
    Sd R on either parry street or Wandsworth rd
  784. Fentiman road.
    South Lambeth rd. SE. Clapham rd. NW
  785. Ashmole estate
    Claylands rd. N
  786. Comfort in Vauxhall
    Old south Lambeth road. N
  787. Fentiman arms Gastro pub
    Fentiman rd. NE
  788. Keybridge house
    80 south Lambeth Todd. W
  789. Musicians union
    Clapham road. NW
  790. Rudolf place industrial estate
    Miles street. N
  791. Siriham point
    Meadow road. SE
  792. Turners function centre
    47 Dorset road. NE
  793. Wandsworth prison
    Heathfield rd. SE
  794. Clapham train disaster memorial
    Spencer park. SE
  795. Emanuel school
    Battersea rise. SE
  796. County arms
    345 trinity road. SW
  797. Geraldine rd
    Allfarthing lane. N
  798. Heathfield SQ
    Hesthfield rd. SW
  799. Le Gothique restaurant
    Jhon archer way. SW. Sd & leave b R
  800. South London bowling club
    19 Lyford road. NE
  801. Wandsworth cemetery
    Magdalen rd. NW
  802. Ormonde gate
    Durham place. SE. F. Royal hospital rd. NW
  803. Whites club
    Leaman street. SW. R
  804. Benihana restaurant
    77 kings road. SE
  805. Chelsea physic garden
    66 royal hospital road. SE
  806. Chelsea synagogue
    Smith terrace. SE. L entrance from Smith street
  807. Delta park business centre
    Smugglers way. SW. LB-l. SD-l,r
  808. Doukan Bar
    Old York road. NW
  809. Frogmore
    Armoury way. N. L one way to Putney bridge rd
  810. Holiday inn express, Wandsworth
    Smugglers way. S
  811. Riverside west, flats
    Smugglers way. N
  812. Virgin health club, Wandsworth
    Smuggles way. N
  813. The so. P. H
    Jews Row. SW. enter from pier retrace. Exit from Marl road
  814. Wandsworth bus garage
    Marl road. N
  815. Wandsworth town station.
    Old York road. NW
  816. Arch 365 bar
    Lendal terrace. SW. L
  817. Avondale Hall
    72 Landor road
  818. Beckett house
    Lingham street. SW.
  819. Burnley road.
    Stockwell road. NE. St Michaels road
  820. Fenwick estate
    Landor road. SE
  821. Lambeth hospital
    Landor road. SE
  822. Fenwick place.
    Bedford road. E. gives right turn
  823. Landor theatre pub
    Landor road. SE
  824. The quadrant building
    Stockwell green. NW
  825. Clapham common station
    The pavement. S. R
  826. Clapham common can rank
    The pavement. S. R
  827. Clapham library
    Clapham common north side. NW. L
  828. Clapham picture house
    76 Venn street. SW. L but not Friday-Sunday
  829. Grafton square
    Old town. E
  830. Maritime museum
    37 old town. E
  831. Rapscallion restaurant
    75 Venn street. NE. Not Friday to Sunday
  832. White house bar
    Clapham park road. NE
  833. Whites square
    Nelson row. NE. Sd-l. Lb-r
  834. Cleavland square
    Cleavland Gardens. NW. Cleveland terrace. SW. L
  835. Caesar hotel
    26 queens gardens. NW. L
  836. Halepi restaurant
    Leinster terrace. W
  837. Hallfield estate
    Cleveland gardens. NW. Burner with Leinster gardens
  838. The Hemple hotel
    Craven hill gardens. NW
  839. Henry VIII Hotel
    Leinster Gardens. SW
  840. Park grand hotel
    3 queens gardens. But entrance on devonshire terrace. SW
  841. Queensborough terrace
    Porchester gardens. S
  842. Trinity court
    Bishops bridge road.
  843. East India station
    Naval row. E. F or Blackhall way. N. Sd-r. Lb-l
  844. Virginia quay
    Blackwell way. SW. F
  845. Trinity Buoy wharf
    Orchard place. E. F (se off lower lee crossing)
  846. Robin hood gardens
    Naval row. N
  847. Steam ship p.h
    Naval row. S. Sd-r lb-l
  848. Saffron avenue
    Leamouth circus. NW
  849. Travel lodge, Docklands
    Coriander avenue. NW
  850. London field station
    Mentmore terrace. W
  851. Bayford street ind. Estate
    Bayford street. N
  852. City inn express hotel
    Tudor road. N
  853. The dolphin p.h
    Mare street. W. L
  854. Hackney synagogue
    Brenthouse rd. S. L might have moved to westgate street. N
  855. London fields p.h
    Mare street. W
  856. Pub on the park
    Martello street. W. Opposite enhance from London lane
  857. Richmond road taxi centre
    Richmond road. N
  858. St. Thomas square
    Mare street. E
  859. London university of arts
    St. Thomas square (mare street) S.
  860. Bow fire station
    Parnell road. NE
  861. Bow quarters (flats)
    Fairfield road. NE
  862. Connaught wharf
    Old ford road. NW
  863. Elanor arms p.h
    Old ford road. SE
  864. Victoria park south
    Parnell road. N. F
  865. Lefever walk estate
    Parnell road. NE
  866. Locton estate
    Candy street S
  867. Roman road market.
    Parnell road. SW or st. Stephenson street. NE
  868. Homerton station
    Berger road. N
  869. Archer tower
    Berger road. N
  870. Bill Volpicelli social club
    Berger road. S
  871. Chats palace (arts club)
    Brooksbury walk. NE (old library)
  872. Digbyland studios
    Digby rd. W
  873. Homerton hospital
    Homerton grove. NW (enter Fenn steer. Exit Wardle street)
  874. Homerton mental health hospital
    Homerton grove. NW. (enter from brooksbury walk, exit same or wardle street)
  875. Leonard Cheshire foundation
    Homerton high street. S
  876. Banister house estate
    Homerton high street. N
  877. Nisbet house estate
    Homerton high street. S
  878. Principal square
    Chelmer road. N&S. W off Glyn road
  879. Andaz hotel
    Liverpool street. NE. Sd-R. Lb-L
  880. Bevis marks restaurant
    4 Heneage lane. Sd-r no entry access from Creechurch lane
  881. B.I. B. A house
    14 Bevis marks (same building as synagogue) sW
  882. Kenza restaurant
    Devonshire square. NE. Sd-R. Lb-L
  883. Oppeniq Italian restaurant
    Devonshire square. NE. Sd-R. Lb-L
  884. Cinnamon kitchen
    Devonshire square. NE. Sd-R. Lb-L
  885. Enoteca bar & restaurant
    Devonshire square. NE. Sd-R. Lb-L
  886. Mitre square
    Mitre street. NE sd-l. Lb-r
  887. Stoney lane
    White Kennett street. SW. Links back to Houndsditch
  888. Shortlands
    Hammersmith rd. S. L. Talgarth rd. N. L
  889. The ark
    Talgarth rd. S. L
  890. Hammersmith bus terminal
    Butterwick. W. R
  891. Latymer court
    Hammersmith rd. N
  892. L'Oreal HQ
    Hammersmith rd. S. L
  893. Nazareth house convent
    Hammersmith rd. S
  894. Novotel Hammersmith
    Shortlands. W
  895. West London magistrates court
    Talgarth rd. S. L
  896. Wolverton gardens
    Bute gardens. S. R. Tr
  897. Great church lane
    Colet gardens. W. R. Tr. For Rt shortlands
  898. Chelsea ram gastropub
    Burnaby street. SE
  899. Heatherley school of art
    Lots road. SW
  900. Kensington & Chelsea college
    Hortensia rd. SW
  901. La Famigila restaurant
    Langton rd. SW
  902. Whistler tower
    Edith grove. NE. L
  903. Works end distillery P.H
    Kings rd. SE
  904. World end estate
    Blantyre street. NW. Dead end off . N Chyne walk
  905. Elm park gardens
    Elm park road. NW. Fulham road. SE
  906. Big ready restaurant
    Kings rd. NW (E from the Vale)
  907. Blue bird centre and restaurant
    Kings rd. NW (W from the Vale)
  908. Chelsea court.
    Elm park gardens. SW on E side of gardens
  909. Elm oak house
    Fulham rd. SE in the middle of both parts of elm park gardens
  910. Pullman court.
    Drayton gardens. NE
  911. Onslow court
    Drayton gardens. SW
  912. Anglesey arms
    Selwood terrace. SE
  913. Room park lane
    Elm park gardens. NW. Beaufort st. SE
  914. Sophie's steak house
    Fulham road. SE
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