CompTIA Security + Ch11

  1. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
    A TCP/IP protocol that monitors network-attached devices and computers. It's usually incorporated as part of a network management system.
  2. Baselining
    The process of measuring changes in networking, hardware, software and so on.
  3. Baseline Reporting
    Identification of the security posture of an application, system, or network
  4. Security Posture
    The risk level to which a system, or other technology element is exposed.
  5. Security Posture Assessments (SPA)
    Assessments that use baseline reporting and other analyses to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems and networks.
  6. Computer Security Audits
    Technical assessments made of applications, systems or networks.
  7. Security Log Files
    Files that log activity of users. They show who did what and when, also if they succeeded or failed.
  8. Nonrepudiation
    The idea of ensuring that a person or group cannot refute the valididy of your proof against them.
  9. Signature-Based Monitoring
    Frames and packets of network traffic are analyzed for predetermined attack patterns. These patterns are known as signatures.
  10. Anomaly-Based Monitoring
    Also known as statistical anomaly based; establishes a performance baseline based on a set of normal network traffic evaluations.
  11. Behavior-Based Monitoring
    A monitoring system that compares previous behavior of apps and/or computer systems to the current activity on the system.
  12. Audit Trails
    Records or logs that show the tracked actions of users, whether the user was successful in the attempt.
  13. Promiscuos Mode
    In a network adapter this passes all network traffic to the CPU, not jus the frames addressed to it. The adapter captures all traffic regardless of its destination.
  14. Nonpromiscuous Mode
    When a network adapter captures only the packets that are addressed to it.
  15. Broadcast Storm
    Whe there is a accumulation of broadcast and multicast packet traffic on the LAN coming from one or more network interfaces.
  16. SNMP Agent
    Software deployed by the network management system that is loaded on managed devices.
  17. Network Management System (NMS)
    The software run on one or more servers that controls the monitoring of networks attached devices and computers.
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