1. Nancy Ward
    • -Carokee Woman
    • -Advocated Peaces
    • -War Women in 1750
    • -Believed fighting was futile 
  2. Judiciary Act of 1789 
    Congress managed to quiet popular apprehensions by establishing in each state a federal district court that opperated according to local procedures
  3. Bill of Rights
    James Madison played a leading role in drafting the ten amendaments 
  4. Alexander Hamilton
    Secretery of Treasury, was in charge of setting the administration's domestic priorities 
  5. Reports on the Public Credit
    Containing recommendations that would at once strenghten the country's credit, enable it to defer paying its debt, and entice wealthy investors to place their capital at its service
  6. Report on a National Bank
    Money towards projects that would diversify the national economy through a federally chartered bank
  7. Whikey Rebellion
    An uprising over Hamiltons decision to excise tax on domestically produced whiskey, Americans would also consume less alcohol
  8. Alta California 
    Perceiving Russia's move into Alaska as a threat, Spain responded by extending northward on the Pacific coast from Mexico, established in 1769
  9. Citizen Genet
    Edmond Genet a French minister, name given during French Revolution
  10. Treaty of Greenville 
    General Anthony Wayne compilled a treaty with Indian tribes which opened most of modern day Ohio and parts of Indiana to white settlement and eneded US-indian hostility for 16 years
  11. Jay's Treaty
    A British promise to withdraw troops from American soil by June 1796
  12. Treaty of San Lorenzo
    With Spain, which won white settlers, duty-free access to world markets via the Mississippi River 
  13. Election of 1796
    Republicans, gathered for the first time since the Revolution that non-elites to participate in public affairs 
  14. Quasi War (1798-1800)
    U.S. forces seized 93 French privateers while losing only one vessel
  15. Alien and Sedition Acts
    • Strict laws to protect national security
    • -Alien  Enemies Act
    • -Alien Friends Act
    • -Naturalization Act
    • -Sedition Act 
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