Med term

  1. muscle
    tissue composed of fibers that can cntract, causing movement of an organ or part of the body
  2. origin of the muscle
    muscle end attache to the bone that does not that does not move when the muscle contracts
  3. insertion of a muscle 
    muscle end attached tothe bone that moves when the muscle contracts
  4. tendon
    a band of fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone
  5. fcia
    a band or sheet of fibrous connective tissue tht covers, supports and separates muscle
  6. coronal (frontal) plane
    vertical division of the body into front (anterior) and back (posterior) poortions
  7. sagital plane
    vertical division of body into right and left portions
  8. transverese plane
    horizontal division of body into upper and lower portions
  9. terms of position and direction
  10. anterior (A) (venteral)
    front of body
  11. posterior (P) dorsal
    bacl of body
  12. anterior-posterior (A-P)
    from front to back; commonly associated with the direction of an xray beam
  13. posterior-anterior (P-A)
    from back to front; commonly associated with the direction of an xray beam
  14. superior (cephalic)
    situated above another structure, toward the head
  15. inferior (caudal)
    situated below another structure, away the head
  16. supination
    turning upward or forward of the palmar surface of the hand or plantar surface of the foot (serving soup -hand up
  17. pronation
    turning downward or backward of the palmar surface of the hand or planter surfance of the foot
  18. dorsiflexation
    bending the sole of the foot or toes upward
  19. plantarflexation
    bending the sole of the foot by curling the toes toward the ground
  20. range of motion  (ROM)
    total motion ossible in a joint, described by the terms related to body movements, i.e., ability to flex, extend, abduct, ardduct; meared in degrees

    instrument used to measure joint angles 
  21. bunion
    swelling of the joint at the base of the great toe caused by inflamation of the bursa
  22. carpal tunnell syndrome
    compression of the median nerve with in the carpal tunnel at the wrist, pain numbness and tingleing in wrist and fingers, result of trauma surrounding the tendons
  23. chondromalcia
    softening of he catlidge
  24. osteosarcoma
    softening of the bone caused by calcium and vitamin d defiency
  25. osteomyelitis
    infection of the bone marrow caising inflamation
  26. oesteoporosis
    condition of bondebone density caused by brittle bones and liable to fracture
  27. sprain
    injury to a ligament caused by joint trauma but without dilocation or dilocation or fracture
  28. bone scan
    radionucloid image of bone tissue to detect tumor
  29. operative terms
  30. amputaion
    • partial of complete removal of a limb
    • AKA above the knee
    • BKA below the knee amputation 
  31. arthocentesis
    puncture for aspiration of a join
  32. arthrodesis
    binding or fusing of joint surfaces
  33. anthroplasty
    repair or constuction of a joint
  34. myoplasy
    repair of a muscle
  35. open reduction, internal fixation of a fractiure (ORIF)
    internal repair of a fracture  by bringing bones back into alignment and fixing them into place, often with screws, pins ect
  36. closed reduction, percutaneous fixation of a fracture
    external manipulation to regain alignment, followed by incertion of one or more pins through the skin to maintain position-often includes a devise called fixator to keep fracture immobilized.
  37. OA
  38. ORIF
    open reduction internal fixation
  39. PT
    physical thereapy
  40. RA
    Rhumatory arthritis
  41. ROM
    range of motion
  42. Tx
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