1. Which ultrasound system control automatically calibrates for measurements?

    D. ) Depth control automatically adjusts (or calibrates) depth markers.
  2. Increasing system gain can reduce technical artifacts.

    True or False
    false Increasing gain will increase specular echoes, which generally increases artifacts.
  3. The purpose of the time- gain compensation (TGC) circuit is:

    a.) To suppress near-field echos.
    b.) To enhance far-field echos.
    c.) To selectively eliminate weak echos.
    d.) To compensate for loss of ultrasound energy (attenuation) as the beam enters the body.
    a, b, and d.
  4. Which of the following are true regarding the side lobes seen in two-demensional images?

    D. and c.
  5. In a parasternal long-axis transducer position, imaging is being done from the wrong intercostal space when:

    D. c.,and d.
  6. With which of the following conditions would a contrast agent not likely be used to enhance the echo diagnosis?

    D. ) Idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis. Contrast agents are more helpful in defining suspected shunts.
  7. Left-to-right shunts are more difficult than right-to-left shunts to detect with peripheral-vein contrast injections because:
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