Social Studys: Middle Ages

  1. 476
    The western Roman Empire ends
  2. 630
    Mohammed conquers Mecca and makes it the cetre of the Islamic Faith
  3. 800
    Charlemagne (Charles the Great) is crowned emperor in Rome
  4. 1066
    william of Normandy conquers England
  5. 1099
    The first crusaders capture Jerusalem
  6. 1150
    The first universities develop in western europe
  7. 1271
    Marco Polo begins his expedition to the court of Kublai Khan, the Mongol emperor of china
  8. 1337-1453
  9. england and French are at war; the hundred year war
  10. 1347
    The black death ravages Europe
  11. 1453
    The muslim ottoman turks capture Canstantinople
  12. The Dark Ages
    The period in time when the literature, and records tell near to nothing about this timeframe
  13. Sur name
    Surnames came to be by the ocupation of someone
  14. Holiday
    The word holiday comes from holy day
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Social Studys: Middle Ages
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