HRE 3723 midterm cards pt2

  1. Effective leader
    one ho helps group members attain productivity including good quality and satisfaction
  2. Consideration
    the degree to which the leader creates an environment of emotional support, warmth, friendliness and trust
  3. Initiating structure
    organizing and defining relatoinships in the group by activities such as assigning specifc tasks specifying procedures to be followed scheduling work, and clarifying expectations of team members 
  4. Pygmallon effect
    the situation that occurs when a magerial leader believes that a group membr will succeed and communicates this belief without realizing it 
  5. Tough Question
    one that makes a person or group stop to think about why they are doing or not doing something 
  6. Management openess
    a set of leadership behaviors particulary relevant to subordinates' motivation to voice their opinion 
  7. Servant leader
    one who serves constituents by working on their behalf to help them achieve their goals, not the leader's own goals
  8. 360-degree feedback
    a formal evaluation of superiors based on imput form people who work for and with them, somtimes including customers and suppliers
  9. Leadership style
    the relatvely consistent pattern of behavior that characterize a leader 
  10. Participative leaders
    a person in charge who shares decision making with group members
  11. Consultative leaders
    a person in charge who convers with group membrs before making decision 
  12. Consensus leaders
    the person in charge who encourages group discussion about an issue and then makes a decision that refects general agreement and that group members will support 
  13. Democratic leaders
    a person in charge who confers final authority on a group 
  14. Autocratic leaders
    a person in charge who retains most of the authority for himself or herself
  15. Leadership Grid
    a framework for specifying the extent of a leader's concern for production and people 
  16. Contingency approach to leadership
    the contention that leaders are most effective  when they make their behavior contingent upon situational forces including groupo member characteristics 
  17. Path goal theory
    an explanation of leadership effectivness that specifies what the leader must do to achieve high productivity and morale in a given situation 
  18. Situational leadership II (SLII)
    a model of leadership that explains how to match the leadership style to capabilities of group members on a given task
  19. Normative decision model Cognitive resource theory
    a view of leadership as a decision making process in which the leader examines certain factors within the situation to determine which decision making style will be the most effective 
  20. Crisis leadership
    the process of leading group members through a sudden and largely unanticipated intensely negative and emotionally draining circumstance 
  21. Evience based leadership or mamagement
    the approach whereby managers translate principles based on best evidence into organizational praticies 
  22. Ethics
    the study of moral obligations or seprating right from wrong 
  23. Morals
    an individual's determination of what is right or worng influenced by his or her values 
  24. Integrity
    loyalty to rational principles therey practicing what one praches, regardless of emotional or social pressure 
  25. Entitlement
    in relation to unetical behavior by executives, the idea that CEOs lose their sense of reality and feel entitled to whatever they can get away with or steal 
  26. Ethical mind
    a point of view that helps the individual aspire to good work that matters to his or her colleagues companies and society in genral 
  27. Corporate social responsibility
    the idea that organizations have an obligation to groups in society other than owners or stockholders and beyond that prescribed by law or union contract 
  28. Whistleblower
    an employee who discloses organizational wrongdoing to parties who can take action 
  29. Virtuous circle
    the idea that corporate social performance and corporate finicial performance feed and rinforce each other
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