Test 4 Review

  1. Which of the following statements about the Texas judicial system is incorrect?
    there are no controversies surrounding the selection of Texas judges adn the politics connected to these courts
  2. A criminal case does not involve
    cases that deal primarily with individual or property rights
  3. Original jurisdiction of a court involves all of the following except a(n)
    review of the record
  4. The justice of the peace courts are authorized by
    the Texas Constitution
  5. The only constitutional qualification to become a justice of the peace is
    being a registered voter
  6. The Texas Constitution requires that the county judge be elected by voters for a four year term and be
    well informed in the law of the state
  7. Which courts are often described as the chief trial courts of the state?
  8. Which of the following is not a qualification to become a district court judge?
    must be a resident of Texas for 20 years
  9. Negotiations between the prosecution and the defense to obtain a lighter sentence or other benefits is known as
    plea bargaining
  10. The merit plan for selecting judges is sometimes referred to as the
    Missouri plan
  11. Texas officially uses which method to select state judges?
    partisan election
  12. Since voters know so little about individual candidates, they may use which of the following as a cue to determine how to vote?
    party identification
  13. Criminal law is concerned with
  14. Texas civil law is based on which of the following?
    common law
  15. Which law has been passed by the legislature and is written in codebooks?
    statutory law
  16. The principle of following precedents in deciding legal cases is
    stare decisis
  17. If an individual dies without leaving a will, and there are no living relatives, a deceased’s property passes to
    the state
  18. The procedure used to prove the validity of a will is
  19. A court order to compel or restrain a particular action is which of the following?
  20. Laws that prohibit union shop agreements requiring new employees to join a union are called
    right-to-work laws
  21. Which of the following statements about persons who typically commit serious crimes is incorrect?
    They have big stake in the values that lawmakers hold dear
  22. Which is used as the barometer for the crime rate?
    FBI index crimes
  23. Which of the following statements about gender and crime is correct?
    Far more men than women are arrested for crimes.
  24. Which of the following statements about crime in Texas is correct?
    • Crime is more likely in large metropolitan areas.
    • Minority-group members are arrested disproportionately for crime.
    • The poor, regardless of racial or ethnic background, are more likely to commit violent crimes than members of the middle and upper classes.
    • -all of these
  25. The major enforcer of law in the county is which of the following individuals?
    the sheriff
  26. Among the fifty states, only _______ has a larger number of prison inmates than Texas
  27. Individual and corporate income taxes constitute approximately what percentage of federal tax revenues?
  28. General sales taxes are broadly based taxes collected
    retail price of most items
  29. Which has occurred because of Texas’s state government imposed mandates on local governments?
    State taxes have remained low, but local taxes are higher than in many states
  30. Property taxes are the major source of revenue for virtually all of the following governments except
    national government
  31. The gasoline tax is an example of what type of tax?
    benefits received
  32. Broadly based taxes collected on the retail price of most items are called what?
    general sales tax
  33. Which of the following is an effort to enhance the power of state or local governments?
  34. Which of the following statements about taxes in Texas is correct?
    • The largest single state tax is the general sales tax.
    • Among taxes that Texans pay, only the federal income tax is somewhat progressive.
    • Major sources of state revenue include traditional categorical and more flexible block grants from the federal government.
    • all of these
  35. Which of the following does not explain the growth in state spending?
    salaries and benefits for more state employees
  36. Revenues dedicated for a specific purpose by the constitution or statute are called
    dedicated funds
  37. Tax rates that place more of a burden on low- and middle-income taxpayers than on wealthier ones care called
    regressive tax rates
  38. Which of the following is not a restriction that limits the legislature as it adopts appropriations bills?
    discretionary spending
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