film 2 and 3

  1. silent films had a...
    crank on the side of camera
  2. Anamorphic process
    using special lens (35mm) to compress the image. People look very thin. 

    Projector expands it 
  3. director
    coordinates the staff to create the film

    responsible for final look and sound of film 
  4. production designer
    determines what film will look like
  5. film editor
    puts seperate film strips together
  6. sound guy
    • edits sounds, dialogue, and music
  7. sound designer
    designs music
  8. composer
    composes music
  9. SFX
    special effects
  10. pre production
    early stages of making film. Producer getting funded. director how he will make film
  11. Post-production
    editing and sound. 

    -last thing is music 
  12. Early film?
    • 1893-1900
  13. silent films?
  14. color 3 strip technicolor?
  15. 3D started in...
  16. T.V started in...
    • 1950
  17. 1 strip color?
  18. early digital?
  19. 3D digital
    2000 and on
  20. motif
    something that repeats in a film that carries a significance. helps move plot along

    ex) for diary movie... it was the diary 
  21. theme
    summary or main idea of story
  22. Mis-En-Scene
    evrything in front of camera
  23. what are sets made up of?
    either location or soundstage
  24. props
    to tell us something about the character or background
  25. costumes
    says someting about character

    ex) income level, personality, etc.

    ex) diary movie... color of dress 
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