Med Terms Related to the Respiratiory System

  1. Bronchiolitis
    Inflammation of the bronchioles
  2. Bronchoscope
    Instrument used to examine the bronchi
  3. Carina
    A projection of the lowest tracheal cartilage where the trachea separates into two bronchi. Used as a landmark for endoscopy (bronchoscopy)
  4. COPD(Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
    Any group of chronic, progressive, and debilitative respiratory diseases (emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, etc)
  5. Dyspnea
    Difficulty breathing
  6. Hemothorax
    Presence of blood in the pleural space
  7. Hypernea
    Rapid or excessive breathing
  8. Lobectomy
    Surgical excision of a lobe of the lung
  9. Orthopnea
    Difficulty breathing unless upright or in a straight position
  10. Pneumothorax
    Collection of air in the chest or pleural cavity
  11. Rales
    Abnormal chest sounds heard when air enters small airways or alveoli containing fluit typically during inspiration; also called crackles
  12. Rhinorrhea
    Discharge from the nose
  13. Rhonchus
    Rale or rattling round in the throat of bronchial tube caused by obstructed or inflamed bronchi
  14. Tachypnea
    Fast or rapid breathing
  15. Thoracotomy
    Incision into the chest
  16. Thoracentsis
    Removal of fluid from the pleural cavity via surgical puncture; pleural tap
  17. Wheeze
    Whistling sound usually caused by air passageway obstruction, common in asthmatics
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Med Terms Related to the Respiratiory System
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