Med Terms Related to Muscloskeletal System

  1. Ankylosis
    Condition of stiffening of a joint
  2. Arthralgia
    Pain in the joint
  3. Arthiritis
    Inflammation of a joint
  4. Arthrodesis
    Surgical fixation of a joint
  5. Arthropathy
    Joint disease
  6. Bursitis
    Inflammation of a bursa
  7. Carpal
    Pertaining to the wrist bones
  8. Chondral
    Pertaining to the cartilage
  9. Chondralgia
    Pain around and in the cartilage
  10. Coccygeal
    Pertaining to the coccyx
  11. Connective
    Tissue connecting of binding together.
  12. Dactylic
    Pertaining to finger or toe
  13. Femoral
    Pertaining to femur and thigh bone
  14. Iliac
    Pertaining to the ilium
  15. Kyphosis
    Abnormal Curvature of thoracic spine(Humpback)
  16. Lordosis
    Abnormal anterior curvature of spine, usually lumbar
  17. Metacarpal
    Bones of the hand
  18. Osteoblast
    Bone forming cell
  19. Osteocarcinoma
    Cancerous tumor of bone
  20. Osteochondritis
    inflammation of bone and cartilage
  21. Osteopenia
    Lower then average bone density, can be a precursor to osteoporosis
  22. Osteoporosis
    Condition resulting in reduction of bone mass
  23. Osteorrhaphy
    Suture of bone
  24. Patellar
    Pertaining to patella
  25. Phalangeal
    Bones of fingers and toes
  26. Scoliosis
    Lateral curvature of spine
  27. Sternotomy
    Surgical incision of sternum
  28. Tendonitis
    Inflammation of tendon
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