Chapter 9: Sectionalism

  1. In the 1830s and 1840s, all of the following were generally true about immigration EXCEPT
    An overwhelming majority of native-born Americans
  2. During the 1840s, large numbers of Irish immigrated to the United States mainly because of
    famine resulting from the failure of the potato crop
  3. Nativist reaction to immigration resulted in
    the formation of the Know-Nothing party
  4. All of the following restricted the growth of labor unions before the Civil War EXCEPT
    opposition by southern plantation owners
  5. Twenty years after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, Congress prohibited
    importation of slaves into the United States
  6. Which of the following activities was most commonly practiced by African Americans as a means of resisting slavery in the early 1800s?
    work slowdown
  7. Before the Civil War, which of the following groups of southern whites did NOT defend slavery?
    mountain people
  8. Before 1860, the change that most influenced the lives of Native Americans on the Great Plains was
    the introduction of the horse
  9. Which of the following regions is INCORRECTLY paired with an economic or social characteristic?
    western frontier in 1850-tobacco farming
  10. Which of the following is a CORRECT statement about the United States in 1850?
    The vast majority of Native Americans lived west of the Mississippi River
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Chapter 9: Sectionalism
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