Chapter 7:The Age of Jefferson

  1. Which of the following leaders is INCORRECTLY paired with a notable event or deed?
    Alexander Hamilton-Embargo Act of 1807
  2. Thomas Jefferson's revolution of 1800 changed the Federalist policies of Washington and Adams in all of the following areas EXCEPT
    foreign affairs
  3. Which of the following accurately characterizes the foreign policy goals of Jefferson and Madison before 1812?
    maintain U.S. neutral rights without going to war
  4. John Marshall's Supreme Court decision in the case Marbury v. Madison established
    the principle of judicial review
  5. Native Americans in the West allied themselves with British in the War of 1812 because they
    wanted to stop American settlers from taking their lands
  6. Thomas Jefferson's chief reason for purchasing Louisiana was to
    give the United States control of the Mississippi River
  7. All of the following contributed to the U.S. decision to go to war in 1812 EXCEPT
    efforts to protect the land of Native Americans
  8. Which of the following documents or sources would be most useful for analyzing the effects of the Embargo of 1807 on the U.S. economy?
    records of shipbuilding activity in a New England state from 1805 to 1810
  9. The War of 1812 had all of the following consequences EXCEPT
    acquisition of new land
  10. The Hartford Convention had long-term significance because it
    marked the end of the Federalists as a national party
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