livery halls iflash.txt

  1. apothcaries hall
    blackfriars lane
  2. armoures & braizers hall
    coleman st
  3. bakers hall
    harp lane
  4. barber & surgeons hall
    monkwell sq
  5. brewers hall
    aldermanbury sq
  6. butchers hall
    bartholomew close
  7. carmens hall
    1 queen st place
  8. carpenters hall
    throgmorton ave
  9. chartered accountants hall
    moorgate place
  10. chartered secretaries & administrators
    gutter lane
  11. clockmakers hall
    fore st
  12. clothworkers hall
    dunster court
  13. coopers hall
    devonshire sq
  14. cutlers hall
    warwick lane
  15. dyers hall
    dowgate hill
  16. farmer & fletchers hall
    cloth st
  17. fishmongers hall
    london bridge
  18. founders hall
    cloth fair
  19. freemasons hall
    great queen st
  20. girdlers hall
    basinghall ave
  21. glaizers hall
    montague close
  22. goldsmiths hall
    foster lane
  23. gunmakers hall
    commercial rd
  24. haberdashers hall
    west smithfields
  25. inn holders hall
    college st
  26. insurance hall
  27. ironmongers hall
    shaftesbury place
  28. master mariners hall
    victoria embankment
  29. mercers hall
    ironmongers lane
  30. merchant taylors hall
    30 threadneedle st
  31. painter & stainers hall
    little trinity lane
  32. pewterers hall
    oat lane
  33. plumbers hall
    6 gresham st
  34. saddlers hall
    gutter lane
  35. salters hall
    fore st
  36. skinners hall
    dowgate hill
  37. specticle makers hall
    blackfriars lane
  38. stationers hall
    stationers hall court
  39. tallow chandlers hall
    dowgate hill
  40. vinters hall
    kennett wharf lane
  41. wax chandlers hall
    gresham st
  42. worshipful company of soliciters of city of london
    college hill
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