Oklahoma History Unit 1

  1. What is grography?
    The study of earth's physical features and how people interact with them
  2. What is affected by geography?
    All life on earth
  3. In which ehmisphere is Oklahoma located?
  4. What is a parallel?
    Horizontal lines on either side of the equator
  5. What is Latitude?
    Distance north or south of the equator
  6. What is Longitude?
    Distance east or west
  7. What are meridians?
    Lines that run north and south between the poles
  8. How many square miles in Oklahoma?
  9. How does Oklahoma rank in size?
  10. Oklahoma is larger or smaller than any state east of the Mississippi?
  11. Where is Oklahoma's state capital?
    Oklahoma City
  12. What 3 counties make up the Panhandle?
    Beaver, Cimarron, Texas
  13. What is the name ofthe giant oval grassland that runs through Oklahoma?
    Great Plains
  14. How many geographic regions are identified in Oklahoma?
  15. List the 3 mountain regions of the state.
    Wichita, Arbuckle, Ouachita
  16. Define Topography
    Physical features fo teh land such as mountains & plateaus
  17. Define Ecosystem
    The interaction of living things and non-living things
  18. What direction does the Wichita and Arbuckle mountains run?
  19. Define Natural Resources
    Things found in nature that are used by humans
  20. Irrigation is supplying water to land by what means?
  21. Define Drought
    Long periods without rainfall
  22. List our 3 fossil fuels
    Oil, Natural Gas, Coal
  23. A by-product of oil is what?
    Natural Gas
  24. What part of the state are Oklahoma's coal deposits found?
    Eastern part
  25. No metals are currently mined in Oklahoma. List the 4 that used to be mined in Oklahoma
    Zinc, Lead, Manganese, Iron
  26. Oklahoma is the only state to produce this medical related item
  27. An underground basin of porus gravel, rock and sand that holds water that seeps down from rainfall is an?
  28. Oklahoma has more manmade lakes than how many other states?
    All of them
  29. A stream or river that flows into a larger river is a?
  30. What are the 2 main drain systems in Oklahoma?
    Arkansas, Red
  31. Where does the Arkansas River end up?
    Mississippi River
  32. What percentage of all runoff water does the Arkansas River carry?
  33. What rivers flow into the Arkansas River?
    Salt Fork, Cimarron, Verdigris, Grand, Illinois, Canadian
  34. What rivers flow into the Red River?
    Nort Fork, Washita, Boggy, Kiamichi
  35. What 3 rivers make the 3 Forks?
    Verdigris, Grand, Arkansas
  36. Define Weather
    Measures the current conditions of the atmosphere temperature, percipitation and wind
  37. Define Climate
    Average weather of an area over a long period of time such as 30 years
  38. Oklahoma's weather is classified as
    Humid subtropical
  39. Average temperature in Oklahoma is
    60 F
  40. Pre History is defined as: people who lived before
    Recorded History
  41. Archaeologist study ancient cultures by
    Examining what they left behind
  42. Define Artifact
    Any item made or used by people
  43. Define Petroglyph
    Pictures or symbols used to convey ideas
  44. Traces or remains of living things is a
  45. List the 4 methods archeologists use to determine the age of artifacts
    Carbon Dating, Fluorine Dating, Dendrochronology, DNA Studies
  46. Scientists who study artifacts and fossils to discover how people lived
  47. Most experts believe the earliest people in America came from
  48. What is the name of the land bridge used to come to America
  49. What is the name of a group of people who wanders from place to place
  50. List the 8 large game animals hunted in prehistoric Oklahoma
    • Giant 6ft Bison
    • Short Face Bear
    • Camel Horse
    • Giant Ground Sloth
    • Small Antelope
    • Mastedon
    • Columbian Mamoths
    • Imperial
  51. List the 3 groups of people that make up the Paleo Indians
    Clovis, Folsom, Pre-Clovis
  52. List the 2 possible reasons the large game animals died out
    Over Hunting, Climate Changes
  53. The atiati was used to throw
  54. Recorded history began in Oklahoma in the year
  55. Who was the 1st Spanish explorer to recoed contact between the Indians and the Spanish
    Francisco de Coronado
  56. Define Barter
    Trade one item for another
  57. What do you call an animal or bird whose spirit guided the Indians
  58. What do you cal a wise medicine man
  59. In Indian culture, humans, plants and animals are all
  60. How did Indians treat parents and older tribal members
  61. Was polygamy permitted in the tribes
  62. A girl was a potential source for what
  63. Men in the tribes were
  64. Women took car of
  65. What were the 3 highest positions of importance in the tribes
    Chief, Shaman, Camperier
  66. Who was responsible for taking down and setting up the Tipi?
  67. One reason an overland trading route with Asia was too expensive was because of the
  68. Who was the Italian sea captain who believed the best water route to the Far East was by going to the west?
    Christopher Columbus
  69. A journey for a specific purpose, such as exploration
  70. Columbus died believing the he HAD or HAD NOT found the Far East
  71. List the 3 primary goals of the Spanish explorers
    Land, Gold, Spread Religion
  72. Define Conquistador
    Spanish Conquerer
  73. In 1540, what Spanish explorer was commissioned to go look for the "Seven Cities of Gold" called Cibola
    Francisco Vasques de Coronado
  74. List 3 reasons why Coronado's expedition was a financial disaster
    Bad Water, No Wood, Men Got Lost
  75. What was the name of the missionary who had accompanied Coronado and later returned to this area to convert Indians to Christianity?
    Juan de Padilla
  76. The explorer who claimed land north of Mexico for Spain
    Hernando de Soto
  77. The explorer who settled New Mexico in 1595
    Juan de Oprate
  78. The explorer who established French trading post in Canada
    Rene Robert Cavelier
  79. The French explorer who established fur trade in Oklahoma
    Jean Baptiste
  80. While Spain wanted to conquer the Indians, the French wanted to trade with the Indians. What did the English think was the best way to become more powerful
    Control North America
  81. What one thing had the most immediate and significant impact on Indian life?
    The Horse
  82. What did the Indians cal the horse?
    Magic dogs or wonder dogs
  83. List 3 things the horse allowed Indians to do better
    • Transport Items
    • Hunt
    • More Permanent Villages
  84. What plants were introduced to the Europeans by Indians?
    Corn, beans, potatoes, squash, pumpkins & cocoa
  85. What were some European plants introduced to Indians?
    Radishes, beets, sugar cane, rice, melons, wheat
  86. What is a "Calumet"?
    a long ceremonial pipe
  87. What disease devasted the Indian tribes more than any other
    Small Pox
  88. Why were these diseases so devastating to the Indians?
    They had no immunity to the diseases
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