Chapter 4:Imperial Wars and Colonial Protest

  1. Which
    of the following does NOT express a British criticism of the colonies in 1763?
    • The
    • Virginians under George Washington disobeyed orders in attacking a French fort
  2. “After
    the French and Indian War, the British government tried to make Americans pay
    for British protection in the colonies.” Each of the following supports this
    statement EXCEPT the
    • Quebec
    • Act
  3. Pontiac’s
    Rebellion was a reaction to
    • The
    • westward movement of English settlers
  4. Which
    of the following was NOT a consequence of the Stamp Act?
    • Colonial
    • war debts were paid
  5. John
    Dickinson defended the idea of no taxation without representation by arguing
    • To
    • tax people without their consent violated English law
  6. The
    Townshend Acts provoked all of the following colonial reactions EXCEPT
    • The
    • Stamp Act Congress
  7. The
    Boston Tea Party had which of the following causes?
    • Parliament’s
    • efforts to improve the profits of the British East India Company
  8. Which
    of the following sources would be most useful in studying the philosophical
    foundations of the American Revolution?
    • John Locke’s Two
    • Treatises of Government
  9. Enlightenment
    philosophers believed in all of the following ideas EXCEPT
    God is the primary authority for government
  10. Which
    of the following is a correct statement about the American colonies in the
    1770s before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War?
    • Except
    • for a few radicals, Americans generally accepted the policies of George III’s
    • ministers
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