Oklahoma History Unit 3

  1. Immigrandts came to the united states looking for a government with more _________ principals than their homeland government.
  2. Define Manifest Destiny
    This concept indicated that the U.S. was destined to spread from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean
  3. When the American settlers moved to the Mexican owned Texas and refused to comply with exican law, who did they turn to for protection?
    The President.
  4. Who was the president that admitted Texas as a state in 1845?
    James K. Polk
  5. Annex
    To add on.
  6. With what country did the U.S. have a dispute ofer the Oregon territory?
  7. Whenever possible, early travelers and traders used the _____ to get from place to place.
  8. What year was gold discovered in California?
  9. How long did it take to get to California by going around the tip of South America?
    How long did it take to cross the continent on horseback or wagon?
    • 1) Year
    • 2) 4-6 Months
  10. Who led the first wagon train to Santa Fe to establish a trading business with Mexican traders? What year?
    William Becknell in 1821
  11. what led to the mdemise of the Sante Fe Trail in the 1870's?
  12. Osage Trace was later renamed ______.
    Texas Road.
  13. Travelers heading  west from Fort Smith to Santa Fe waited for other wagons to form a ______ for proteection from Indean attacks.
  14. what was the name of the book Captian Marcy wrote which listed recommended routes and gave a list of supplies needed for the trip to California?
    Prairie Traveler.
  15. Transcontinental Railroad
    A railrod that spans the continent from ocean to ocean.
  16. The Indeans made money by charging a ______ for people to cross their land and they used this money to maintain the trials through their land.
  17. How namy days did it take to travel by stagecoach from St. Louis to San francisco?
    25 days.
  18. In 1860, what was created as a faster way to deliver mail?
    Pony Express
  19. Tariff
  20. Regional differences on whethjer federal or state authority should prevail was known as ______.
    State's rights.
  21. Economy of the North was primarily _______ while economy of the south was primarily _______.
    • Industrial
    • Agricultural
  22. Most people in the south (did or did not) own slaves.
    Did not.
  23. Why were slaves not needed in the north?
    Immigrants provided cheap labor.
  24. Secede
    Break away.
  25. What state would be admitted to the Union according to the Compromise of 1850?
  26. Abolitionist
    One who is agianst slavery.
  27. The rulng by the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case was important because it indicated that Congress (could or could not) stop slavery in the territories.
    could not
  28. Abraham Lincoln was representing what political party?
  29. What were the 4 things that made up the Republican Party Platform?
    • 1) Opposed slavery
    • 2) Free western Homesteads
    • 3) Protective tariffs
    • 4) Transcontinental railroad
  30. Lincoln (did or did not) receive support from the south.
    • Did not.
    • His name wasn't on the balot
  31. What was the name of the newly formed southern Confederation?
    Confederate States of America.
  32. How many states initially joined the Confederate states of America?
  33. Neutral
    Taking no sides.
  34. Why did many Indians tribes join the outh to begin the Cival war?
    They felt they had been abandoned by the U.S. Military.
  35. Chief _________ of the _______ tribe initially refused to join the south because he said it would destroy his people.
    • John Ross
    • Cherokee
  36. Guardship
    When someone legally has the authority to make desicions for and care for and control the property of someone.
  37. Why did the Cherokee under John Ross end up joining with the south?
    He didn't want to stand alone during the war.
  38. What did Stand Waite  call his regiment?
    Cherokee Mounted Rifles.
  39. Outpost.
    A station in a remote or sparcely populated area.
  40. The Cival war (did or did not) divide the loyalty of the tribes.
  41. Which side did Upper Creek Cheif Opothleyahola join?
  42. Who won the decisive battle at Pea Ridge Arkansas?
    Union Forces.
  43. What did the loss at Pea Ridge do to the Confederates?
    • 4600 troops died
    • Fort Davis abandoned.
  44. What 4 things were done by the Cheokee Council at Cowskin Prairie?
    • 1) Widthdrawl form Confederate
    • 2) Declare Stand Waite an outlaw
    • 3) Abolish slavery
    • 4) elect John Ross as their leader
  45. The action taken at Cowskin PRairie created ___ Cherokee goernments.
  46. What was Honey Springs?
    A principal confederate suply depot.
  47. What battle aws the largest, bloodiest, and most decisive battle in Indian territory?
    Battle of Honey Springs.
  48. Guerrilla
    Member of a small military group that harrases the emeny.
  49. Brigade
    Group of soldiers.
  50. What day did the Cival war end?
    Who was the Union General?
    Who was the Confederate General?
    • 4/9/1865
    • Appomattox Court House
    • Ulysses S. Grant
    • Robert E. Lee
  51. Name the two Congressional acts that were passed during the Civil War that will have a huge impact on the country
    • Pacific Railway Act
    • Homestead Act of 1862
  52. Freedmen
    Former slaves
  53. The proposed changes by Congress in Indian Territory after the Civil War which will take rights and land from the tribes affected (all tribes or just the tribes that were loyal to the Confederacy).
    All tribes
  54. Regiment
    Millitary Unit
  55. Dugout
    An area set aside for use by a particular people
  56. What did the Medicine Lodge Treaty accomplish?
    • Attempted to stop plains indian attacks
    • Adopt farming lifestyle
  57. What colonel was told to attack the Cheyenne at Washita?
    Lt. Colonel George A. Custer
  58. Who was the leader of the Cheyenne?
    Black Kettle
  59. Garrison
    Millitary post
  60. Buffalo Soldiers
    This is what the Indians called the black soldiers because their hair reminded them of the buffalo's fur.
  61. Mason
    One who works with stone
  62. Rapport
  63. Renegades
  64. Counterparts
    Something that closly ressembles another thing.
  65. What was the best way to break the resistemce of thePlain Indians?
    Capture and kill their horses.
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