1. Who was Pete Seeger?
    • Son of a musicologist
    • Composer of folk music
    • Collaborated with Guthrie
    • Founded the Almanac Singers in 1940, and the Weavers in 1948
  2. What two groups did Seeger found?
    "Almanac Singers" and "The Weavers"
  3. Who collaborated with Guthrie?
  4. Who were the Weavers?
    • Founded by Pete Seeger
    • Helped popularize many standard folk repertoire (Old Smokey, Drinking Gourd, Goodnight Irene, etc.)
    • Many of these were protest songs (leftist political beliefs)
    • 50s they were placed under FBI surveillance, and eventually arrested for contempt, ruined their career despite the dismissal of the case
  5. What group was famously placed under FBI surveillance and arrested for contempt by the House of Rep's in the 50s?
    The Weavers
  6. What group popularized folk songs like "On Top of Old Smokey", "Follow the Drinking Gourd", "Goodnight Irene" and many others?
    The Weavers in the 50s
  7. Define the "Folk Revival"
    • 1960s - "folk" came to mean singers who accompanied themselves on acoustic guitars and performed traditional material
    • It was music of the rural working people who idealized in contratst to the artiness of elite society or vulgar products of the industrial poor
  8. Who was Bob Dylan?
    • Made music with serious subjects and political lyrics
    • (it did however correspond with the folk style)
    • He altered attitudes of what a pop single could convey
    • He recorded "concept albums" (recorded works with a unifying artistic theme or story)
    • Wrote "Blowing in the Wind"
    • Work based on albums, not singles
  9. What song is described as the "anthem" of the civil rights movement??
    "Blowing in the Wind" by Bob Dylan
  10. Who wrote folk songs with serious lyrics and political implications?
    Bob Dylan
  11. What type of music did Bob Dylan write?
    Folk-like music with serious lyrics and political implications.
  12. What is a "concept album"?
    A work with a unifying artistic theme or story - made famous by Bob Dylan.
  13. Who was the first musician who's work was based on albums, not singles?
    Bob Dylan
  14. What was unique about the way Bob Dylan gained popularity?
    His whole career was based on albums, not just singles.
  15. "A work with a unifying artistic theme or story"
    Concept album
  16. Who sang Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind"?
    Peter, Paul, and Mary.
  17. What genre is Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind"?
  18. Music identify: "Blowing in the Wind"
    • GENRE - folk (revival)
    • COMPOSER - Bob Dylan
    • PERFORMED BY¬† - Peter, Paul, and Mary
    • MUSICAL CHARACTERISTICS - simple guitar accompaniment shows folk style, three voices, lyrics are serious and carry political connotation
  19. Who was seen as an heir to Pete Seeger's leadership in the folk revival?
    Bob Dylan
  20. Bob Dylan took over from who as the leader of folk revival?
    Pete Seeger
  21. What was the Newport Folk Festival Controversy?
    Bob Dylan played at the NFF for only 15 minutes and not acoustic, but with electric accompaniment. There is confusion over whether the boos were for the fact that he was only up for 15 minutes (when everyone else was up for 45-60), or if it was because of the electric instruments/amplification.
  22. What is counterculture?
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