Intro to Law and Legal - terms for 9 & 10

  1. A judicial determination that no lawful marriage ever occurred
  2. One spouse's obligation to provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical care for the other spouse
  3. Another term for a legal separation
    mensa et thoro divorce
  4. Court-ordered support payment from aneconomically strong spouse to an economically dependent spouse, in conjunction with adivorce action
  5. Property acquired by either or both spouses priorto marriage or received as a gift or inheritance
    separate property
  6. A temporary placement for children without parents or for children in dysfunctional families who need short-term care while their parents work to resolve family difficulties
    foster care
  7. A marriage by agreement of the parties that isprivately created, legally binding, and informal and that dispenses with state licensing
    common law marriage
  8. A circumstance in which birth parents select the adoptive parent(s)
    independent adoption
  9. Based on proof of marital breakdown and evidence that parties have been living separately for a statutorily determined period of time
    no-fault divorce
  10. A ruling in which the court in a divorce action awards custody of children to both parents
    joint custody
  11. A promise that is conditioned on a return promise, act, or forbearance being given in exchange
  12. The agreement to accept something different from what was due under an original contract
  13. Any unlawful constraint that forces a person's consent to an agreement that otherwise would not be made
  14. Holds that prior agreements or terms not contained in the writing of a written contract are not admissible in court to prove any matter within the contract
    parol evidence rule
  15. An intentional act of deception used by one individual to gain an advantage over another
  16. That which is bargained for and given in exchange for another's promise
  17. Binds the offeror to hold an offer open, usuallyfor a stipulated time
    option contract
  18. An expression of agreement by the offeree to be bound by the terms of the offer
  19. Requires that certain contracts be in writing to be enforceable
    statute of frauds
  20. The offer of something different from what was due under an original contract
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Intro to Law and Legal - terms for 9 & 10
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