MedAdmn Chap 8-9

  1. Chol/o
    bile, gall
  2. Cholecyst/o
  3. Col/o, colon/o
  4. -emsis
  5. Gastr/o
  6. Hepat/o
  7. -pepsia
    digest, digestion
  8. -phagia
    eating, swollowing
  9. Proct/o
    anus and recturm
  10. Rect/o
  11. Sigmoid/o
    Sigmoid colon
  12. Janud
  13. GI
  14. GERD
    gastroesophegeal reflux disease
  15. UGI
    mouth, esophagus and stomach
  16. LGI
    small+large intestines, rectum, and anus
  17. Accessory digestive organs
    liver, gall bladder, pancreas
  18. Gingival/gingivitis
    earliest stage of periodontal disease; inflammation of gums
  19. Dentition
    natural teeth arranged in upper and lower jaws
  20. Edentulous
    without teeth
  21. Saliva
    colorless liquid that moistens the mouth; begins digestive process and lubricates food
  22. Colon
    longest portion of large intestine
  23. Villi
    finger-like projections that line the small intestine
  24. Lacteal
    specialized structures of lymphate system, absorb these nutrents and transports via lymphatic vessels
  25. Stomach gastric juices
    hydroclorie asic and digestive enzymes to begin digestion
  26. Flatulence/flatus
    is passage of gas out of body through rectum
  27. Hiatal hernia
    portion of stomach protrudes upward into the chest through opening in diaphram
  28. Inguinal hernia
    protrusion of a small lobe of bowel through weak spot in abdominal wall or groin
  29. Peptic ulcer
    sores that affect mucous membrane of DS
  30. Emesis
  31. Hematemesis
    vomiting blood
  32. Regurgitation
    return of swallowed food into mouth
  33. Diverticulosis
    presence of number of diverticula in the colon
  34. Incontinence
    inability to control of excretion of urine and feces
  35. Hepatitis
    inflammation of liver
  36. Janudice
    yellow discoloration of skin, mucous membrane and eyes. greater ammounts of bilirubin in blood
  37. Hemoccult test
    • fecal occult blood test
    • test for hidden blood in stool 
  38. zSigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy
    examination of interor of the rectum, sigmoid color, part of (decends) colon
  39. -ostomy
    cugically creating an opening
  40. -cele
    herania, tumor, swelling
  41. Cyst/o
    urinary bladder
  42. Lith/o
    stone, calculus
  43. Nephr/o
  44. Pyel/o
    bowel of kidney; renal pelvis
  45. -tripsy
    to crush
  46. Ur/o
    urine, urinary tract
  47. -uria
    urination, urine
  48. Renal/Kidney
    filter for blood, to remove waste and excessive water
  49. Nephron
    function unity of kidney to filtrate, reabsorb and secreation
  50. Ureters
    2 narrow tubes; transports urine from kidney to bladder
  51. Urinary bladder
    hollow muscular organ; reservoir for urine
  52. Urethra
    tube from bladder to outside of body
  53. Prostate gland
    male reproductive system
  54. Renal failure
    kidney failure - inability of one or both kidney to do their job.
  55. Nephropathy
    disease of kidney
  56. Cystitis
    inflammation of bladder
  57. Cystocele
    hernia of bladder through the vaginal wall
  58. Neurogenic bladder
    caused by interference w/ normal verve pathways associated w/ urination
  59. Urinary incontinence
  60. BHP/ benign prostatic hypertrophy
    abnormal enlargement of the prostate gland
  61. Diruesis
    increase output of urine
  62. Dysuria
    difficult of painful urination
  63. Enuresis
    involuntary discharge of urine
  64. Polyuria
    exessive urination
  65. Urinary retention
    inability to empty bladder
  66. Stress incontinence
    inability to control the void of urine under physical stress
  67. PSA/prostate-specific antigen
  68. Diuretic
    medication to increase urine secreation to get rid of excess water and salt
  69. Dialysis
    procedure to remove waste products from the blood of pacients who's kidneys no long function
  70. Catheterization
    preformed to withdraw urine from diagnostic purposes
  71. Indwelling catheter
    one that remains inside for prolonged period of time
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