Vyne Whites by Glass

  1. Terret (1)
    • varietel: Terret (usually found in blends from Languedoc region...
    • producer/proprietary name: Marc Roman
    • vintage: 2009
    • region: Languedoc, France (pronounced lahng-DAWK)
    • tasting notes: from menu: "light to medium bodied, very fresh, no oak, hints of exotic citrus fruits and minerals"
  2. Vernaccia di San Gimignano (2)
    • varietal: Vernaccia di San Gimignano (pronounced ver-NAHT-chah dee sahn jee-mee-NYAH-noh)
    • producer/ proprietary name: Fontaleoni
    • vintage: 2008
    • region: Tuscany, Italy
    • tasting notes: "medium bodied, dry and textured, complemented by bright acidity with floral and mineral notes"
  3. Sancerre (3)
    • varietal: sauvignon blanc (all white wine from Sancerre is sauvignon blanc)
    • producer/proprietary name: Pacal Jolivet
    • vintage: 2008
    • region: Loire, France (more specifically, Sancerre {pronounced sahn-SEHR} is an appelation within the Loire {pronounced LWAHR})
    • tasting notes: "the nose is fresh with notes of lime peel, green herbs, and minerals. On the palate, it is clean with the acidity being tempered by a tiny amount of residual sugar. Overall, it is a dry, racy, and elegant wine."
  4. Gruner Veltliner (4)
    • varietal: gruner veltliner (pronounced GROO-ner FELT-lih-ner)
    • producer/proprietary name: Meinhard Forstreiter "Kremser Kogl"
    • vintage: 2008
    • region: Kremstal, Austria
    • tasting notes: " Pale green-yellow. An inviting bouquet of green apple, subtle dill and celery salt. Juicy and refreshing, with green mango fruit nicely framed by chalky minerals and lifted by vibrant acidity. Mango and lemongrass linger on the finish of this appetizing wine. Drink now through 2018" --Steve Tanzer, International Wine Cellar
  5. Riesling (5)
    • varietal: reisling
    • producer/proprietary name: Graf Hardegg "Von Schloss"
    • vintage: 2008
    • region: Weinviertel, Austria (pronounced VINE-feer-tehl)
    • tasting notes: "Inviting aromas and flavors of ripe vineyard peach, lime zest and spring meadow herbs. A lemony acid structure supports the wine's juicy peach and citrus fruit and lends elegance to this alluring wine. Long, minerally finish..." --S.T., IWC
  6. Viognier (6)
    • varietal: viognier (pronounced vee-oh-NYAY)
    • producer/proprietary name: Alain Paret
    • vintage 2007
    • region: Rhone, France (Vins de Pays)
    • tasting notes: "The nose is all peach, apricots, and almonds. it's full in the mouth without being overdone and although the acidity is low, it's sufficient to keep the wine crisp and clean." --Tom Caufield, NPFC Wine Buyer
  7. Pouilly-Fuisse (7)
    • varietal: chardonnay (all white wine from Pouilly-Fuisse {pronounced poo-yee fwee-SAY} is chardonnay)
    • producer/proprietary name: Chateau Fuisse "Tete de Cru"
    • vintage: 2006
    • region: burgundy, france (pouilly-fuisse is an appelation within burgundy)
    • tasting notes: barrel-fermented "Light gold. Fresh pear, sweet butter, vanilla bean, and nectarine aromas expand with air, picking up subtle anise and floral character. Pliant orchard fruit flavors are brightened by crisp minerality and gain wight on the finish. Leaves a strong tangerine quality in it's wake." --Steve Tanzer, IWC
  8. Chardonnay (8)
    • varietal: Chardonnay
    • producer/proprietary name: Josh Bergstrom "Old Stones"
    • vintage: 2008
    • region: Willamette Valley, Oregon
    • tasting notes: oaked "medium body and elegant, with pure apple-pear like fruit, touches of earth and supportive acidity that keeps the wine fresh. The oak is present, but appealing and integrated"
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