Bony Landmarks

  1. Uppper Limb
    Pectoral Gridle: aka... 
  2. Scapula: aka
    Shoulder blade
  3. Scapula is what shape and is located where?
    • - large triagular shaped
    • - located between the 2nd and 7th rib posteriorly 
  4. Acromion process:
    • most superiolateral border (landmark)
  5. Spine:
    located on posterior superior surface
  6. caracoid process:
    aka "crows back" 
    anterior surface. Decides the supraspinous and infraspinious cossack
  7. Subscapular Fossa:
    Located on anterior aspect
  8. Glenoid fossa:
    Superiolateral surface
  9. Purpose of Glenoid fossa
    articulates the head of the humorist to form glenohumeral joint
  10. Scapula Bony Landmarks 
    Image Upload 1
  11. Pelvic Trifle (3 fused bones
    • 2 coxal bones
    • -ilium, ischium and pubis 
  12. Iliac Crest
    Highest point on hips (muscle attachement site)
  13. ASIS (sticks up when you lay down)
    • Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
  14. PSIS
    Posterior Superior Iliac Spine
  15. Great Sciatic Notch
    Foramen with ligaments. sciatic nerve passes
  16. Ischium
    Sitting bone
  17. Ischial Spine
    seperates greater sciatic notch for lesser sciatic notch
  18. Ischial Tubrosoty
    Attachement sight for hamstring
  19. Punkest
    Anterior bone of Pelvic gridle
  20. acetabulum
    Hip joint
  21. Scapula Bony lankmarks
    • Superior Border
    • Medial border
    • Lateral border
    • Superior Angle
    • Spine of Scapula
    • Root of Spine
    • Acromion Process
    • Corocoid process
    • Glenoid cavity (fossa)
    • Superaspionous (fossa) 
    • Infraspionosu (fossa)
    • Subscapular fossa
    • Supreaglenoid tubercle
    • infraglenoid turbercle
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Bony Landmarks
Bony Landmarks