1. AR for NCOER's
    AR 623-3
  2. What will a rating chain for an NCO consist of?
    • Rated NCO
    • Rater
    • Senior Rater
    • Reviewer
  3. What is an NCOER?
    Rating chain members use the DA Form 2166–8 (NCOER) to provide DA with performance and potential assessmentsof each rated NCO. The DA Form 2166–8 also provides evaluation information to ensure that sound personnelmanagement decisions can be made andthat an NCO’s potential can be fully developed.
  4. How many types of NCOERs are there?
    There are 7:

    • 1. Annual
    • 2. Change of Rater
    • 3. Relief for Cause
    • 4. Complete the Record
    • 5. 60 Day Rater Option
    • 6. 60 Day Senior Rater Option
    • 7. Temporary Duty, Special Duty or Compassionate Reassignment
  5. What is the minimum period of time for rater qualification?
    3 Rated Months
  6. What is the minimum period of time for senior rater qualifications?
    2 months
  7. What form is used for the NCO Counseling/Checklist Record?
    DA Form 2166-8-1
  8. What is a rating scheme?
    A rating scheme is the published rating chain of the NCO’s rating officials (rater, senior rater, and reviewer).
  9. What forms are used for the NCOER?
    • DA 2166-8-1, NCO Counseling Checklist/Record
    • DA 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report.
  10. What are the parts of the NCOER?
    • PartI. Administrative Data
    • PartII. Authentication
    • PartIII. Duty Description
    • Part IV. Army Values/ NCOResponsibilities
    • Part V. Overall Performance andPotential.
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