1. When Surgical Asepsis?
    • During procedures that require intentional perforation of the client’s skin
    • When the skin’s integrity is broken as a result of trauma, surgical incision or burns
    • During procedures that involve insertion of catheters or surgical instruments into sterile body cavities – what are sterile body cavities?

    Check out
  2. What is surgical asepsis?
    • What is it?
    • Measures
    • Surgical Asepsis: Do I wash my hands differently? Yup. 2 minutes, vigorous scrub, antimicrobial soap, rinse fingers up.
    • Review PPEs for OR before going into clinical. Will pay dividends!
  3. When is an field considered sterile?
    • Includes procedures that eliminate all microorganisms from an object or area
    • Object or area considered contaminated if touched by anything not sterile
    • Important to explain the procedure thoroughly to the client
    • Requires client cooperation – why?
  4. Principles of Surgical asepsis
    • A sterile object remains sterile only when touched by something sterile
    • Only sterile objects may be placed on a sterile field
    • A sterile object or field out of the range of vision or an object held below the waist is contaminated
    • A sterile object or field becomes contaminated with prolonged exposure to air
    • When a sterile surface comes in contact with a wet non-sterile surface, the sterile object or field becomes contaminated by capillary action
    • Fluid flows from the direction of gravity
    • The edges of a sterile field or container are considered contaminated. 1" borders of a sterile field is not sterile.
    • Anything entering a sterile field should be allowed minimum of 6 inches above.
  5. Planning ahead for sterile fields
    • Important to collect everything before you begin because you may not leave the sterile field
    • Sterile packages remain sterile as long as they are dry, intact and not expired.
    • Where is the trash can?
    • Does the 5-second rule apply to sterile fields?
  6. Pouring solution into a sterile field
    • Lable time/date/initial when opened
    • Hold by label to prevent label from getting wet.
    • Pour off a bit of solution. Sterile solution will sterilize lip of container. "Lipping it."
  7. Sterile fields techniques
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Open sterile packages: No reaching over allowed!
    • --Away
    • --Side…side
    • --Toward
    • Adding to sterile field
    • Pouring solution
    • When do I put on my sterile gloves?
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