Physio computations

  1. is a random process driven by the thermal motion of the molecules?
  2. what is the fick's law of diffuction? 
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  3. in ficks law of diffusion J is?
    rate of diffusion per unit time
  4. in ficks law of diffusion D is?
    diffusion coefficient
  5. in ficks law of diffusion A is?
    area across which diffusion is occuring
  6. in ficks law of diffusion C is?
    concentration gradient
  7. in ficks law of diffusion X is
    distance along which diffusion occurs
  8. what equation is used in diffusion coefficient?
    Stoke-einstein equation
  9. what is stokes einstein equation?
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  10. in stoke's eintein equation k is?
    Boltsman constant
  11. in stoke's eintein equation n is?
    viscosity of medium
  12. what equation is to be used when calculationg rate of diffusion through a plasma membrane?
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  13. how long will a urea gradient impose through a memberane?
    8 minutes
  14. how long will glucose and amino acid disspite accross a membrane?
    14 hours
  15. what type of transport occursn when the direction predicted by the electrochemical gradient is followed?
    passive transport
  16. also known as uphill transport?
    active transport
  17. how is osmotic pressure determined?
    number of molecules
  18. how is osmotic pressure measured?
  19. how is osmotic pressure calculated?
    Van't Hoff's Law
  20. Van't Hoff's LAw is?
    \pi =Image Upload 4
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