PY 101

  1. What is the definition of personality? What are psychologists studying personality trying to learn?
    Psychologist studying personality are studying how people differ: why they behave differently when exposed to the same situation
  2. What is the difference between states and traits?
    • States are temporary conditions. (tired, drunk, good/bad mood)
    • Traits are lasting dispositions to behave in a particular way in many situations
  3. What are some examples of states?
    (tired, drunk, good/bad mood)
  4. What are some examples of traits?
  5. What are some differences between how we explain our own behavior, and how we explain other people’s behavior?
    • We explain other people’s behavior as a product of their personalities
    • Ex. “He’s an insensitive person”
    • We explain our own behavior in terms of states and satiations
    • Ex. “ I was tired and didn’t realize
  6. What are two explanations for the Actor-Observer Bias?
    1. The one who acts have special knowledge of his/her experiences up to that moment, and of his/her own motives.

    2 We find causes where we focus our attention
  7. What measurement technique helps personality psychologists to be sure that they’re not just measuring temporary states?
    Test-retest reliability indicates that a personality is not just measuring temporary states
  8. What are the Big Five Personality Traits? How do people with high scores on each of the Big Five trait dimensions behave?
    • Neuroticism (negative emotionality)
    • Anxious, insecure, vulnerable, self- conscious, guilt prone

    • Extraversion
    • Talkative, sociable, fun-loving and affectionate.

    • Openness to experience
    • Curiosity, creativity, flexibility, daring , broad interests, artistic sensitivity, unconventional attitudes

    • Conscientiousness
    • Ethical, dependable, productive, purposeful ( if you say something they’ll do it)

    • Agreeableness
    • Cooperative, modest, straightforward, sympathetic, and trusting
  9. What are some possible additions to the list of the most basic traits?
    • -Intelligence
    • - Activity Level
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