1. wells park rd
    kirkdale/sydenham hill se23
  2. dulwich riding school
    dulwich common se21
  3. forest hill library
    dartmouth rd se23
  4. bell green
    perry hill se6
  5. catford dog track
    adenmore rd se6
  6. catford one-way system
    brownhill rd/plassy rd/sangley rd/rushey green se6
  7. motown soul shack
    rushey green se6
  8. ladywell leisure centre
    lewisham high street se13
  9. plumbers court
    lewisham park se13
  10. lewisham war memorial
    lewisham high street se13
  11. lewisham fire station
    lewsiham high street se13
  12. st margrets SQ
    adelaide avenue se4
  13. Rivioli Ballroom
    350 brockley rd se4
  14. lewisham college
    lewisham way se4
  15. elverson rd DLR
    elverson rd se8
  16. albany empire theatre
    douglas way se8
  17. peter the great statue & dwarf
    glaisher street/millenium quay se8
  18. deptford park
    evelyn street se8
  19. livesy museum
    682 old kent rd se15
  20. marbella hotel se15
    2 queens rd
  21. gilmour section house
    renfew rd se11
  22. met police forensics lab
    pratts walk se11
  23. lambeth walk
    lambeth rd/black prince rd se11
  24. camelford house
    89 albert embankment se11
  25. cobalt SQ
    south lambeth rd/harleyford rd se11
  26. westminster buisness SQ
    durham street se11
  27. City & guild of london art school
    124 kennington park rd se11
  28. hildreth street market
    balham high rd sw12
  29. royal marine reserve
    old jamaica rd se1
  30. italian building
    dockhead se1
  31. la pont de la tour restaurant
    shad thames/curlew street se1
  32. stage magazine
    47 bermondsey street se1
  33. greenwood theatre
    55 weston street se1
  34. southwark cathedral
    cathedral street se1
  35. clink street prison
    clink street se1
  36. market porter PH
    stoney street se1
  37. blackfriars crown court
    pocock street se1
  38. electral reform society
    chancel street se1
  39. mad hatter hotel
    stamford street se1
  40. london nautical school
    61 stamford street se1
  41. Elephant & castle underground
    london rd se1
  42. morley college
    61 westminster bridge rd se1
  43. la barca restaurant
    80 lower marsh se1
  44. central office of information
    newham terrace se1
  45. kennington rd police station
    mead row se1
  46. evelina childrens hospital
    lambeth palce rd se1
  47. riverbank park plaza hotel
    18 albert embankment se1
  48. southwark rose hotel
    southwark bridge rd se1
  49. tattershall castle
    victoria embankment se1
  50. civil service club
    13 great scotland yard se1
  51. In & out club
    st james SQ sw1
  52. Army & naval club
    st james SQ sw1
  53. greens oyster restaurant
    36 duke street st james's sw1
  54. Fortnum & masons
    duke street st james's sw1
  55. dukes hotel
    st james place sw1
  56. ireland embassy
    chapel street sw1
  57. turkey embassy
    43 belgrave SQ sw1
  58. spain embassy
    39 chesham place sw1
  59. chocolate society
    36 elizebeth street sw1
  60. boisdale restaurant sw1
    15 eccleston street sw1
  61. national audit office
    157 buckingham palace rd sw1
  62. grosvenor hotel sw1
    101 buckingham palace rd sw1
  63. rubens hotel
    33 buckingham palace rd sw1
  64. victoria palace theatre
    victoria street sw1
  65. new scotlad yard
    dacre street sw1
  66. fabian society
    11 dartmouth street sw1
  67. Channel 4 tv
    124 horseferry rd sw1
  68. home office
    2 marsham street sw1
  69. metropolitan tabernacle
    Elephant & castle se1
  70. rolls rd
    st james rd se1
  71. alaska building
    bacon grove/grange rd se1
  72. soldiers,sailors & airmens family assosiation
    19 queen elizebeth street se1
  73. unicorn theatre
    147 tooley street se1
  74. britain at war
    tooley street se1
  75. bridge club
    weston street se1
  76. southwark coroners court
    1 tennis street se1
  77. brandon house
    180 borough high street se1
  78. trinity church SQ
    trinity street se1
  79. south bank house
    black prince rd se1
  80. parliament view appartments
    lambeth high street se1
  81. royal pharmacutical society
    lambeth high street se1
  82. florence nightingale museum
    2 lambeth palace rd se1
  83. waterloo east station
    sandel street se1
  84. hospital saturday fund
    barge house street se1
  85. nelson SQ
    union street se1
  86. jerwood space
    union street se1
  87. novotel city house hotel
    southwark bridge rd se1
  88. financial times
    1 southwark bridge rd se1
  89. liverpool street station
    harwich lane/liverpool street ec2
  90. barbican
    silk street ec2
  91. stanstead express
    harwich lane/liverpool street ec2
  92. coopers hall
    13 devonshire SQ ec2
  93. deutsche bank
    london wall ec2
  94. dutch church
    austin friars ec2
  95. carpenters hall
    throgmorton avenue ec2
  96. chartered accounts hall
    moorgate place/copthall avenue ec2
  97. Armoures & braizers hall
    81 coleman street ec2
  98. girdlers hall
    basingall avenue ec2
  99. mercers hall
    ironmonger lane ec2
  100. goldsmiths hall
    foster lane ec2
  101. wax chandlers hall
    gresham street ec2
  102. pewterers hall
    oat lane ec23
  103. brewers hall
    aldermanbury SQ ec2
  104. Barbaer & surgeons hall
    monkwell SQ ec2
  105. salters hall
    4 fore street ec2
  106. royal national institute for deaf people
    featherstone street ec2
  107. comedy cafe
    66 rivington street ec2
  108. London scottish golf club
    windmill rd sw19
  109. inner park rd
    wimbledon park rd/augustus rd sw19
  110. sutherland grove
    westhill/augustus rd sw18
  111. earlsfield police station
    garratt lane sw18
  112. south london bowling club
    lyford rd sw18
  113. heathfield sq
    heatfield rd sw18
  114. allfarthing lane
    garratt lane sw18
  115. st annes hill
    east hill/allfarthing lane sw18
  116. geraldine rd
    allfarthing lane/east hill sw18
  117. clapham train disaster memorial
    spencer park sw18
  118. national ass' of probation officers
    3 chilvary rd sw18
  119. lavender hill police station
    lavender hill sw11
  120. battersea fire station
    este rd sw11
  121. latchmere theatre
    battersea park rd sw11
  122. cyril mansions
    prince of wales drive sw11
  123. bridges court
    lombard rd sw11
  124. verta hotel
    bridges court/lombard rd sw11
  125. plantation wharf
    gartons way sw11
  126. vingt quatre restaurant
    325 fulham rd sw10
  127. sporting page ph
    camera place/limerstone st sw10
  128. chelsea conservative club
    428 kings rd sw10
  129. worlds end distillery
    459 kings rd sw10
  130. chelsea theatre centre
    worlds end place/kings rd sw10
  131. chutney mary restaurant
    535 kings rd sw10
  132. nikitas restaurant
    65 ifield rd sw10
  133. southfields (shopping centre)
    garratt lane sw18
  134. red lion sq
    wandsworth high st sw18
  135. jessica house
    red lion sq sw18
  136. wandsworth county court
    upp' richmond rd sw15
  137. point pleasant
    putney bridge rd sw15
  138. deodar rd
    putney bridge rd sw15
  139. blades court
    deodar rd sw15
  140. hurlingham yacht club
    43 deodar rd sw15
  141. thames rowing club
    embankment sw15
  142. embankment
    lwr richmond rd/thames place sw15
  143. Putney & wimbledon synagouge
    5 chelverton rd sw15
  144. chartfield sq
    chartfield ave sw15
  145. putney heath
    putney hill sw15
  146. roehampton high st
    roehampton lane/putney heath sw15
  147. dover house rd
    upp richmond rd/roehamton high st sw15
  148. aubyn sq
    roehampton lane sw15
  149. priest bridge
    upp richmond rd sw14
  150. mortlake cemetery
    south worple way sw14
  151. barnes sports club
    261 lonsdale rd sw13
  152. barnes rugby cub
    queen elizebeth walk sw13
  153. riverview gardens
    castlenau sw13
  154. nevern sq
    nevern rd/warwick rd sw5
  155. beaver hotel
    57 philbeach gardens sw5
  156. earls court sq
    warwick rd/earls court rd sw5
  157. burns hotel
    18-26 barkstone gardens sw5
  158. barkstone gardens
    courtfield gardens/earls court rd sw5
  159. ambassadors hotel
    16 collingham rd sw5
  160. brompton library
    210 old brompton rd sw5
  161. colherne PH
    now the pembroke ph..261 old brompton rd sw5
  162. haig hall
    new kings rd sw6
  163. south fulham constitutional club
    163 new kings rd sw6
  164. rivermead court
    ranelagh gardens sw6
  165. danvers street
    paultons sq/cheyne walk sw3
  166. pier house
    oakley street sw3
  167. chelsea registry office
    kings rd sw3
  168. south parade
    doverhouse st/old church st sw3
  169. bibendum restaurant
    81 fulham rd sw3
  170. jane asher tea house
    cale st sw3
  171. poissonniere de'l' avenue
    78 sloane ave sw3
  172. conran shop
    sloane ave sw3
  173. ovington sq
    walton street sw3
  174. parkes hotel
    41 beaufort gardens sw3
  175. beaufort hotel
    33 beaufort gardens sw3
  176. harrods car park
    brompton place sw3
  177. harrods cab rank 2
    hans rd sw3
  178. harrods rear entrance
    basil st sw3
  179. capital hotel
    42 basil st sw3
  180. basil street hotel
    basil st sw3
  181. knightsbridge fire station
    basil st sw3
  182. st colombos church
    pont st sw3
  183. milner st
    cadogan sq/denyer st sw3
  184. lennox gardens
    milner st sw3
  185. admiral coddrigton PH
    mossop st sw3
  186. spanish embassy consular section
    20 draycott place sw3
  187. peter jone collection point 1
    symons st sw3
  188. berlin wall
    royal hospital rd/national army museum sw3
  189. pestanan chelseabridge hotel & spa
    354 queenstown rd sw8
  190. cloister buisness centre
    battersea park rd sw8
  191. battersea power station
    kirtling st sw8
  192. south island place
    brixton rd/clapham rd sw9
  193. pc patrick dunn memorial
    cato rd sw4
  194. west indian ex servicemans assosiation
    clapham manor street sw4
  195. sand bar
    (gone) clapham par rd sw4
  196. windmill on the corner PH
    windmill drive sw4
  197. euro hotel sw4
    clapham common sth side
  198. cavendish rd police station
    cavendish rd sw4
  199. dog star PH
    Coldharbour lane/atlantic rd sw9
  200. jubilee primary school & childrens centre
    tulse hill sw2
  201. tulse hill hotel
    norwood rd sw2
  202. upper tulse hill
    tulse hill/brixton hill sw2
  203. christchurch rd
    norwood rd/brixton hill sw2
  204. pullman court
    streatham hill sw2
  205. chelsea farmers market
    sydney st sw3
  206. whitelands house
    cheltenham terrace sw3
  207. battersea mess & music hall
    lavender gardens sw11
  208. chilvary hall
    chilvary rd sw18
  209. bank of england museum
    bartholomew lane ec2
  210. bank of england
    threadneedle st ec2
  211. Tower 42
    old broad st ec2
  212. devonshire sq
    devonshire row/cutler st ec2
  213. liverpool st cab rank
    liverpool st ec2
  214. bishopsgate police station
    bishopsgate ec2
  215. dirty dicks PH
    202 bishopsgate ec2
  216. NSPCC
    curtain rd ec2
  217. hoxton hotel urban lodge
    81 great eastern street ec2
  218. aquarium club
    256-264 ols st ec2
  219. Slaughter & may
    bunhill row ec2
  220. pit theatre
    silk street ec2
  221. city point
    moor lane ec2
  222. moorgate station
    moorgate ec2
  223. riverplate house
    7 finsbury circus ec2
  224. museum of london
    rotunda ec2
  225. insurers hall
    aldermanbury ec2
  226. guildhall
    aldermanbury/basinghall st ec2
  227. saddlers hall
    44 gutter lane ec2
  228. mandela way
    old kent rd se1
  229. russian tank
    pages walk se1
  230. shad thames
    tooley st se1
  231. circle appartments
    49 queen elizebeth st se1
  232. Fashion & textile museum
    83 bermondsey st se1
  233. southwark playhouse
    shipwright yard/tooley st/bermondsey st se1
  234. hilton hotel tower bridge
    5 moore london place/tooley st se1
  235. HMS belfast
    battlebridge lane se1
  236. chocolate theatre
    southwark st se1
  237. new globe walk
    park st se1
  238. blue fin house
    southwark st se1
  239. mercure hotel se1
    lavington st se1
  240. london fire HQ
    169 union st se1
  241. palestra building
    197 blackfriars rd/union rd se1
  242. laughting gravy bar
    154-156 blackfriars rd se1
  243. old vic stage door
    webber st se1
  244. national theatre
    upper ground se1
  245. royal festival hall
    belverdere rd se1
  246. forum magnum SQ
    belverder rd se1
  247. international maritime organisation
    4 albert embankment se 1
  248. merchant taylors hall
    30 threaneedle st ec2
  249. city of london club
    19 old broad st ec2
  250. nation ass' of flower arrangment
    12 devonshire sq ec2
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