1. Rosslyn Park Rugby Club
    Priory Lane sw15
  2. Barnes Hospital
    South Worple Way sw14
  3. Tideway Yard
    Mortlake High St sw14
  4. Depot Restaurant sw14
    Tideway Yard / Mortlake High St sw14
  5. Barnes Bridge Station
    The Terrace sw13
  6. Olympic Studios sw13
    117 Lowther Parade / Church Rd sw13
  7. Barnes Station
    Station Rd sw13
  8. Wetlands Centre
    Queen Elizabeth Walk sw13
  9. Leg of Mutten Nature Reserve
    Lonsdale Rd sw13
  10. Harrodian School
    9 Lonsdale Rd sw13
  11. Svenska Skolan Swedish School
    Lonsdale Rd sw13
  12. St Pauls Boy School
    Lonsdale Rd sw13
  13. Arundel Terrace
    Castlenau sw13
  14. Harrods Village
    Trinity Church Rd sw13
  15. Empress State Building
    Lille Rd sw5
  16. Lily Hotel
    Ongar Rd SW6
  17. West Brompton Station
    Old Brompton Rd sw5
  18. Eclipse Bar
    158 Old Brompton Rd sw5
  19. Cranley Hotel
    Bina Gardens sw5
  20. Coleherne Court
    Old Brompton Rd sw5
  21. Brompton Square
    Brompton Rd sw3
  22. San Lorenzo Restaurant
    22 Beauchamp Place sw3
  23. Borshtch n Tears Restaurant
    46 Beauchamp Place sw3
  24. Knightsbridge Hotel
    10 Beaufort Gardens sw3
  25. Police Complaints Authority
    90 High Holborn wc2
  26. Cambridge Theatre
    Seven Dials wc2
  27. Garrick Theatre
    2 Charing Cross Rd wc2
  28. Garrick Club
    15 Garrick St wc2
  29. RNLI (OLD)
    124 � 126 Buckingham St wc2
  30. Savoy Hotel
    Savoy Court wc2
  31. London Transport Museum
    Covent Garden Piazza � Set Down Russell Street wc2
  32. India High Commission
    Aldwych wc2
  33. Master Mariners Hall
    Victoria Embankment / HQS Wellington wc2
  34. Strand Continental Hotel
    143 Strand wc2
  35. London Library
    14 St James Square sw1
  36. Motcombs Restaurant
    Motcombs St sw1
  37. Lister Hospital
    Chelsea Bridge Rd sw1
  38. Victoria Station
    Terminus Place sw1
  39. Gordon Hospital
    Bloomburg St sw1
  40. Pimlico Station
    Rampayne St sw1
  41. Crown Reach
    145 Grosvenor Rd sw1
  42. Tate Britain
    Millbank sw1
  43. City Inn Westminister Hotel
    (now hilton double tree)30 John Islip St sw1
  44. Colosseum Club
    1 Nine Elms Lane sw8
  45. New Covent Garden Flower Market
    Nine Elms Lane / Exit by Wandsworth Rd sw8
  46. Elm Quay Court
    Nine Elms Lane sw8
  47. New Covent Garden Market
    Market Entrance / Battersea Park Rd sw8
  48. Battersea Cats & Dogs Home
    4 Battersea Park Rd sw8
  49. Earlsfield Station
    Garrett Lane sw18
  50. Wandsworth Cemetery
    Magdalen Rd sw18
  51. Battersea Ironsides
    Openview sw17
  52. Earlsfield library
    Magdalen Rd sw18
  53. Wandsworth Prison
    Heathfield Rd sw18
  54. Royal Victoria Patriotic Building
    John Archer Way / Fitzhugh Grove sw18
  55. Banana Leaf Canteen
    75 � 79 Battersea Rise sw11
  56. Emanuel School
    Battersea Rise sw11
  57. Debenhams sw11
    Lavender Hill
  58. Clapham Junction Cab Rank
    Saint Johns Hill sw11
  59. Clapham Junction Station
    Junction Approach / St Johns Hill / Grant Rdsw11
  60. Yum Yum Restaurant
    112 St Johns Hill sw11
  61. Book House
    45 East Hill sw18
  62. Battersea Reach
    Juniper Drive / York Rd sw18
  63. Jacks Palace Cafe
    12 York Rd sw11
  64. Westland Heliport / Battersea Heliport
    Bridges Court / Lombard Rd sw11
  65. Oyster Wharf
    Lombard Rd sw11
  66. Rafayel Hotel
    34 Lombard Rd / Falcon Wharf sw11
  67. Thai on the River Restaurant
    2 Lombard Rd sw11
  68. Battersea Square
    Vicarage Crescent / Battersea High St sw11
  69. Royal Academy of Dancing
    36 Battersea Square sw11
  70. Salesian College
    Parkham St sw11
  71. Battersea Police Station
    112 � 118 Battersea Bridge Rd sw11
  72. Ransomes Dock
    Parkgate Rd sw11
  73. Royal College of Art Sculptures school
    Howie St sw11
  74. Latchmere Leisure Centre
    Burns Rd sw11
  75. Morgans Walk
    Battersea Church Rd sw11
  76. Glassmill
    1 Battersea Bridge Rd sw11
  77. Pier House
    Oakley St sw3
  78. Chelsea Sports Centre
    Chelsea Manor St sw3
  79. Ziani Restaurant
    45 Radnor Walk sw3
  80. Chelsea Synagogue
    Smith Terrace sw3
  81. Wellington Square
    Kings Rd sw3
  82. Royal Ave
    Saint Leonards Terrace sw3
  83. Mamilanji Club
    (now kings club) 107 Kings Rd sw3
  84. Whitelands House
    Cheltenham Terrace sw3
  85. Duke of York Square
    Kings Rd sw3
  86. Peter Jones
    Kings Rd / Symons St / Cadogan Gardens sw3
  87. Royal Adelphi Hotel
    Villiers St wc2
  88. Adelphi
    1 John Adams St wc2
  89. Simpson Restaurant
    100 Strand wc2
  90. Lion King
    Wellington St / Lyceum Theatre wc2
  91. Mouse Trap
    St Martins Lane Theatre / West St wc2
  92. Asia Decuba Restaurant
    45 St Martins Lane / St Martins Lane Hotel
  93. Jewel Bar
    Maiden Lane wc2
  94. Shaftesbury Theatre Stage Door
    Grape St wc2
  95. Holburn Station
    Kingsway wc2
  96. Courtauld Gallery
    152 Strand (Somerset House) wc2
  97. Saint Thomas's Hospital
    Lambeth Palace Rd se1
  98. Museum of Garden History
    Lambeth Palace Rd se1
  99. Days Hotel
    Cosser St se1
  100. Lambeth North Station
    Westminister Bridge Rd se1
  101. Union Jack Club
    Sandell St se1
  102. Southwark Station
    The Cut / Blackfriars Rd se1
  103. Vinopolis � City of Wine
    bank end se1
  104. London Bridge Hospital
    Bridge Yard se1
  105. More London
    Tooley St se1
  106. Borough Station
    Borough High St se1
  107. Rayne Institute
    123 Cold Harbour Lane se5
  108. Loughborough Junction Station
    Coldharbour Lane se5
  109. Wimbledon Park Station
    Arthur Rd sw19
  110. Southfields library
    Wimbledon Park Rd sw19
  111. Southfields Station
    Wimbledon Park Rd sw18
  112. London Mosque
    16 Gressenhall Rd sw18
  113. Wandsworth Museum (Old)
    (now wandsworth libary)Garrett Lane sw18
  114. Wandsworth Cab Rank
    Garrett Lane sw18
  115. Capital Studios
    13 Wandsworth Plain sw18
  116. Wandsworth Town Station
    Old York Rd sw18
  117. Holiday Inn Express sw18
    Smugglers Way
  118. Wandsworth Bus Garage
    Marl Rd sw18
  119. Sulivan Court
    Peterborough Rd sw6
  120. Daisy Lane
    Broomhawk Lane / Peterborough Rd sw6
  121. Little Bay Restaurant sw6
    140 Wandsworth Bridge Rd
  122. Harbour Club
    William Morris Way sw6
  123. Imperial Wharf
    Townmead Rd sw6
  124. West London Coroners Court
    Bagleys Lane sw6
  125. Laura Ashley HQ
    27 Bagleys Lane sw6
  126. Hammersmith & Fulham Coroners Court
    Bagleys Lane sw6
  127. Jurys Inn Sands End Hotel
    Imperial Rd sw6
  128. Chelsea Fire Station
    Kings Rd sw3
  129. 606 Club
    90 Lots Rd sw10
  130. Painted heron Restaurant
    112 Cheyne Walk sw10
  131. Crosby Hall
    Danvers St sw3
  132. London Sketch Club
    7 Dilke St sw3
  133. Embankment Gardens
    Chelsea Embankment sw3
  134. Chelsea Flower Show
    Chelsea Embankment/ Royal Hospital Rd / London Gate sw3
  135. Dolphin Square
    Chichester St / Grosvenor Rd sw1
  136. Thistle Picadilly Hotel
    Whitcomb St wc2
  137. National Portrait Gallery
    St Martins Place wc2
  138. Oasis Leisure Centre
    High Holburn wc2
  139. Covent Garden Hotel
    Monmouth St wc2
  140. Actors Church / St Pauls Church
    Bedford St / Inigo Place wc2
  141. Embankment Station
    Embankment Place / Embankment wc2
  142. Institute of Electrical Engineers
    Savoy Place wc2
  143. Christopher's Restaurant
    18 Wellington St wc2
  144. Lyceum Theatre
    Wellington St wc2
  145. PC Jim Morrison Memorial
    India Place wc2
  146. Freemasons Hall
    Great Queen St wc2
  147. QVC
    Sopwith Way sw8
  148. Prince of Wales Drive
    Queens Circus/ Battersea Bridge Rd sw11
  149. Overstand Mansions
    Prince of Wales Drive sw11
  150. Clapham Police Station
    Union Grove sw8
  151. Wandsworth Rd Station
    Wandsworth Rd sw8
  152. Artesian Well PH
    Wandsworth Rd sw8
  153. Lost Society
    697 Wandsworth Rd sw8
  154. BAC (Battersea Arts Centre)
    Lavender Hill sw11
  155. South Western Magistrates
    Lavender Hill sw11
  156. Jongleuer Comedy Club sw11
    (gone) 49 Lavender Gardens
  157. The Grand
    St Johns Hill sw11
  158. West Norwood Tennis & Squash
    Cheviot Rd se27
  159. Roseberys Auction Rooms
    Knights Hill se27
  160. West Norwood Station
    Knights Hill se27
  161. West Norwood Crem & Cemetary
    Norwood Rd se27
  162. Norwood library
    Norwood High St se27
  163. South London Theatre
    Norwood High St se27
  164. Norwood Park
    Salters Hill se27
  165. Gypsy Circus
    South Croxted Rd / Dulwich Wood Park se19
  166. Gypsy Hill Station
    Gypsy Hill se19
  167. Still Luigis Restaurant
    129 Gypsy Hill se19
  168. Foresters Hall
    Westow St se19
  169. Queens Hotel
    122 Church Rd se19
  170. Crystal Palace Museum
    Anerly Hill / Cottage Yard se19
  171. Crystal Palace Station
    Crystal Palace Station Rd se19
  172. Crystal Palace Sports Centre
    Ledrington Rd se19
  173. National Sports Centre
    Ledrington Rd se19
  174. Sydenham Station
    Sydenham Rd/ Station Approach se26
  175. Sydenham Police Station
    Willow Way se26
  176. Forest Hill Pools
    Dartmouth Rd se23
  177. Forest Hill Station
    Devonshire Rd se23
  178. Horniman Museum & Gardens
    100 London Rd se23
  179. Camberwell Old Cemetary
    Forest Hill Rd se22
  180. Piermont Green
    Peckham Rye se22
  181. Peckham Rye
    Rye Lane se22
  182. Peckham Rye Station
    Rye Lane se22
  183. Peckham Police Station
    Peckham High St se15
  184. Peckham Pulse
    Melon Rd se15
  185. Lyndhurst Square
    Lyndhurst Way se15
  186. Damilola Taylor Centre
    East Surrey Grove se15
  187. Peckham Mosque
    Coboury Rd se5
  188. Guinness Square
    Pages Walk se1
  189. Design Museum
    Shad Thames se1
  190. London Dungeons
    28 Tooley St se1
  191. Glaziers Hall
    9 Montague Close se1
  192. Belushis Bar
    161 Borough High St se1
  193. Merrick Square
    Trinity St se1
  194. Inner London Sessions
    Newington Causeway se1
  195. St Georges Cathedral
    Lambeth Rd se1
  196. Old Vic Theatre
    The Cut se1
  197. Young Vic Theatre
    The Cut se1
  198. H Q S Wellington
    Victoria Embankment wc2
  199. Buddha Bar
    8 victoria Embankment wc2
  200. Hispaniola Restaurant
    victoria Embankment wc2
  201. Heavan Club
    Hungerford Lane/Villiers st wc2
  202. Gordons wine Bar
    Villiers St wc2
  203. Zimbabwe High Commision
    429 Strand/Agar St wc2
  204. Albannach Restaurant
    66 Trafalgar SQ wc2
  205. Trafalgar SQ
    St Martins Place wc2
  206. International Bar
    Now Prezzo...116 St Martins Lane/St martins Place wc2
  207. Arts Theatre Club
    6 Great Newport St wc2
  208. Channel 5 TV
    22 Long Acre wc2
  209. Stanfords Map Shop
    12-14 Long Acre/Floral St wc2
  210. Swish Church
    Endell St wc2
  211. St Martins Theatre
    West St wc2
  212. King St wc2
    Bedford St/Garrick St
  213. Royal Ballet School
    46 Floral St wc2
  214. Roman Bath
    Strand Lane/Surrey St wc2
  215. India Club
    143 Strand wc2
  216. Gilbraltor Government
    150 Strand wc2
  217. Australia High Commision
    Strand wc2
  218. Whetstone Park
    Gate St wc2
  219. Land Registry
    32 Lincolns Inn Fields wc2
  220. Six Clerks Restaurant at the law Society
    113 Chancery lane wc2
  221. Essex St
    Strand wc2
  222. South London Art Gallery
    Peckham Rd se5
  223. Southwark Town Hall
    Peckham Rd se5
  224. Peckham Theatre
    Havil St se5
  225. Sunshine House
    27 Peckham Rd se5
  226. Dulwich Community Hospital
    East Dulwich Grove se22
  227. North Dulwich Tennis Club
    East Dulwich Grove se22
  228. Dulwich Constitutional Club
    East Dulwich Grove se22
  229. James Allen Girls School
    East Dulwich Grove se21
  230. North Dulwich Station
    Red Post Hill se21
  231. Half Moon Lane
    Village Way se24
  232. Herne Hill Stadium & Cycle Centre
    Burbage Rd se24
  233. Velodrome Cycle Track
    Burbage Rd se24
  234. Court Lane
    Dulwich Village/Lordship Lane se24
  235. Dulwich Sports Club
    Giant Arches/Burbage Rd se24
  236. Oakfield Prep School
    125-128 Thurlow Park Rd se24
  237. Diana Hotel
    88 Thurlow Park Rd se24
  238. Wandsworth Police Station
    wandsworth High St sw18
  239. Buckhold Rd
    wandsworth High St sw18
  240. Wandsworth town Hall
    wandsworth High St sw18
  241. Neville Gill Close
    Buckhold Rd sw18
  242. Penfold Centre
    Neville Gill Close sw18
  243. Wandsworth Museum
    38 West hill sw15
  244. Royal Hospital For Neuro Disability
    west hill sw15
  245. Manor Fields
    Putney Hill sw15
  246. Kings Keep
    Westleigh Ave sw15
  247. Gemini House
    Putney Hill sw15
  248. Best Western Lodge Hotel
    52-54 Upper Richmond Rd sw15
  249. East Putney Station
    Upper Richmond rd sw15
  250. Wandsworth Park
    Putney Bridge Rd sw15
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