Science Quiz - Plants

  1. What are the two most important roles that plants play in our life?
    The two most important roles of plants in our life are supplying us with food and oxygen.
  2. Name as many things made of wood as you can.
    Paper, house, chairs, toothpicks, table, stairs, cupboards, toys
  3. What is Latex and what can be made out of latex?
    latex comes form trees. Rubber is made form latex, therefore, all things made out of rubber are made out of trees. One example is tires. Also, chewing gum is made out of latex and therefore, it is indirectly made from trees.
  4. Name products that are made from trees.
    tires, latex. wood, sap, maple syrop, sunscreen
  5. What can be made from cotton? What is cotton?
    Cotton is one of the most useful plants on Earth. The fine hairs inside the fluff-filled pods can be spun into thread and then woven and dyed to make cloth. Clothes like shirts and jeans are made of cotton.
  6. What are other plant products that do not come from trees, cotton or rubber/latex?
    • Plant oils from seeds to make oil, soap and paint
    • Wicker
    • Fuel
  7. Plant Parts: Leaves
    Explain the role of leaves.
    Leaves make food for the plant. They contain Chlorophyll that takes the water from the soil, the carbon dioxide from the air and energy from the sunlight and turns it into plant food.

    Salads contain leaves like lettuce and cabbage.  
  8. Plant Parts: Flowers

    Explain the role of flowers.
    Flowers are the reproductive part of plants. This is what make more seeds that grow into more plants.

    Undeveloped flowers that we eat include cauliflower, broccoli and atichokes.

    Cloves are an example of buds that flavour food. 
  9. Plant Parts: Fruit
    Explain the role of fruit.
    Fruit can grow on trees, shrubs and vines. Fruit contains the plant seeds. 
  10. Plant Parts: Stem
    Explain the role of stem
    Stems carry the water from the roots to the stems like straws.

    Xylem feeds the leaves with nutrients. 

    Stems hold up plans.

    celery and leeks are tasty stems.     
  11. Plant Parts: Roots
    Explain the role of roots.
    Roots collect water and transport it to the stems. Roots hold the plants in place.
  12. Plant Parts: Bulbs
    Explain the role of bulbs.
    Bulbs help a plant survive the winter by storing food. Not all plants have bulbs.
  13. You did an experiement with dye, water and celery. What did you do and what did you learn?
    We dyed the water and then put the celery into the dyed water. The bottom of the stem and the leaves turned the colour of the water. This showed us how food and water is transported through a plant to the leaves.
  14. You did an experiment with bean seeds. What did you do? What were the rusults and what did you learn?
    DJ to answer
  15. What do animals need to survive?
    Animals nees space, such as forests to live in. They need food, shelter and water. They need a clean environment.
  16. What do plants need to survive?
    Plants need space to grow. They need water, sunshine and a clean environment. They also need soil, roots and bulbs.
  17. Some animals get food from plants. Name two.
    All herbivores need plants to survive as that is all they eat.

    Zebras and rabbits are two examples. 
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