Anthropology ch 9

  1. domestic–public dichotomy  
    Contrast between women's role in the home and men's role in public life, with a corresponding social devaluation of women's work and worth. 164
  2. extradomestic  
    Outside the home; within or pertaining to the public domain. 168
  3. gender roles  
    The tasks and activities that a culture assigns to each sex. 160
  4. gender stereotypes  
    Oversimplified but strongly held ideas about the characteristics of males and females. 160
  5. gender stratification  
    Unequal distribution of rewards (socially valued resources, power, prestige, and personal freedom) between men and women, reflecting their different positions in a social hierarchy. 160
  6. patriarchy  
    Political system ruled by men in which women have inferior social and political status, including basic human rights. 169
  7. patrilineal–patrilocal complex  
    An interrelated constellation of patrilineality, patrilocality, warfare, and male supremacy. 166
  8. sexual dimorphism  
    Marked differences in male and female biology besides the contrasts in breasts and genitals. 158
  9. sexual orientation  
    A person's habitual sexual attraction to, and activities with persons of the opposite sex (heterosexuality ), the same sex (homosexuality), or both sexes (bisexuality).173
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