BIOL40C Lab Quiz3 (2)

  1. identify the stages of oogenesis:
    Image Upload 1 
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  2. oogonia
    • diploid stem cells that divide mitotically to produce millions of germ cells
    • differentiated primordial germ cells 
  3. primary oocytes
    • developed oogonia that have entered prophase I (stay until puberty)
    • diploid 
  4. secondary oocytes
    • one of 2 products when the primary oocyte completes meiosis I
    • haploid 
  5. label:
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    Image Upload 4
  6. 3 main clusters of lymph nodes
    • 1) cervical
    • 2) axillary
    • 3) inguinal 
  7. flow of lymph through a node
    enter by afferent vessel -> subcapsular sinus -> trabecular sinuses -> medullary sinuses -> exit through efferent vessel
  8. trabeculae
    extensions in lymph nodes that compartmentalize the node
  9. outer cortex of lymph node
    • part of parenchyma (functioning part)
    • contains B cell aggregates (follicles) 
  10. germinal center of lymph node
    site of B cell proliferation/maturation and antibody mutation
  11. inner cortex of lymph node
    consists mainly of T cells and dendritic cells that enter lymph node from other tissues
  12. medulla of lymph node
    contains B cells, plasma cells, and macrophages
  13. reticular fibers
    form netlike support for reticulocytes
  14. red pulp
    stores platelets and contains reticular fibers in spleen
  15. white pulp
    • has many lymphocytes and macrophages
    • appears dark purple when stained 
  16. identify and label:
    Image Upload 5
    • spleen
    • Image Upload 6
  17. label:
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    Image Upload 8
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