1. State functions 
    Describe the state of the system and tell of certain properties 

    • U = internal energy
    • T = temperature
    • P = pressure
    • V = volume
    • H = enthalpy
    • S = entropy
    • G = free energy

    All of these values can be reversed in the opposite direction beacuse path doesn't matter. I.e. fwdH= -fwdH 
  2. Path functions 
    Depend on the pathway taken to achieve a specific state

    • 1. Work
    • 2. Heat

    i.e. energy transfer  
  3. Conceptualization of PV relationship
    The smaller the volume, the greater pressure molecules are able to exert on the walls of the container because they are limited to movement in a smaller region 
  4. Isothermic Reaction 
    Constant temperature - i.e. the heat going in is the heat coming out

    deltaU = 1

    q = W 
  5. Adiabatic
    Completely isolated from the world 

    No heat transfer

    U = w
  6. Isochoral
    Constant volume - no work done 

    U = q
  7. Isobaric 
    Constant pressure 

    U = q+w 
  8. Gibbs Free Energy equation
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  9. Gibbs Free Energy in a reaction
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