Kin 437 Tract function

  1. Lateral Corticospinal Tract
    Function: Voluntary, Contralateral control of the skeletal muscle in the limbs, hands and feet.
  2. Ventral Corticospinal Tract
    Funtion: Voluntary, Bilateral control of the skeletal muscle for movements of the axial skeleton.
  3. Rubrospinal Tract
    Function: Voluntary contralateral control of the flexor muscles that govern precise movement of the limbs, hand and feet.
  4. Reticulospinal Tract (medullary and pontine)
    Function: Ipsilateral, "automatic", control of muscle in proximal portions of the limbs, and contributes to the sensitivity of flexor reflexes.
  5. Vestibulospinal Tract (lateral and medial vestibulospinal tract)
    Function: Regulates ipsilateral postural muscle tone (extensors) for maintaining balance in response to head movement.
  6. Tectospinal Tract
    Function: Contralateral "automatic" control of skeletal muscle that move the head and eyes in response to visual stimuli.
  7. Dorsal column-medial lemniscal pathway: (4-9)
    Function: Tactile and kinesthetic sensation
  8. Spinothalamic Tract (4-9)
    Function: Pain and temperature sensation
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