Airman Leadership

  1. State the keys to successful learning
    • Make sense of education
    • Be Motivated to learn
    • have a positive attitude towards learning
    • engage in the learning process
  2. what are the six steps in the learning process?
    • plan your time wisely
    • set up a learning site
    • preview the material
    • use study techniques
    • answer questions
    • reward yourself
  3. what is the difference between formative exercises and course exams?
    formative exercises are considered exercises in learning. They are designed to provide feedback to you, on your strengths and areas needing improvement.

    Course exams are designed to determine whether or not you possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to have mastered the material. You must pass each course exam in order to successfully complete the ALDLC.
  4. Describe the three levels of cognitive learning.
    • Knowledge. It requires you to remember and repeat information you've either heard or read.
    • Comprehension. It requires you to more thoroughly understand, interpret, draw conclusions from, and solve problems using that same information.
    • Application. Requires you to apply the thought process to new or previously unseen scenarios and assignments. Application-level learning is the ability to link a concept or principle to a real-world situation using critical thinking.
  5. Describe the three levels of affective learning.
    • Receiving. At this level, learners pay attention to what is being presented.
    • Responding. Responding involves some sort of action or response, such as complying with an Air Force directive or performing some voluntary action and obtaining satisfaction from it.
    • Valuing. As a person responds, some worth or value may be assigned to that action or the concept from which that action originated.
  6. Name and describe the three characteristics of the POA?
    • A body of theory and specialized knowledge
    • a public service orientation
    • a distinct subculture
  7. Professionalism is displayed by exhibiting what four specific attributes?
    • professional status
    • professional methods
    • professional character
    • professional standards
  8. How can you assist your subordinates in the development of discipline?
    A supervisor can assist his/her subordinates in the development of discipline by reinforcing set standards and holding them accountable for any deviations to those standards.
  9. List the source documents that form the EPME Pillars.
    • The United States Air Force Core Values
    • AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure
    • Air Force Institutional Competencies
  10. What is the purpose of AFI 36-2618, The Enlisted Force Structure?
    The purpose of AFI 36-2618 is to ensure that all enlisted Airmen understand what the Air Force expects from them at each rank
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