1. Functional Competencies: 
    • Strong knowledge and expertise
    • in financial planning and management principles and approaches.

    • Solid knowledge of complex financial
    • rules and a regulations, Non-for-profit
    • organizations Financial Rules and regulations.

    • Demonstrated business acumen
    • and good judgment.

    • Conceptual/strategic skills and
    • success in implementing financial re-engineering, management systems
    • development, policy design, innovation and knowledge product development.

    Solid knowledge and experience in the application of complex financial systems and modules,

    • Advance knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages such as
    • proficiency in MS Office including Excel, Access, and PowerPoint and, 
    • QuickBooks

  2. Core Values and Guiding Principles:
    • Integrity:
    • Demonstrates consistency in upholding and promoting the values and mission of the organization in
    • actions and decisions, in line with the organization

    • Cultural Sensitivity/Valuing diversity:
    • Demonstrates an appreciation of the multicultural nature of the organization and the diversity of its staff. Appreciating differences in values and learning from cultural diversity.  Demonstrates an
    • international outlook,

  3. Core Competencies:
    Ethics and Values: Demonstrates and safeguards ethics and integrity

    • Organizational Awareness: Demonstrate organizational
    • knowledge and sound judgment

    • Developing and Empowering People /
    • Coaching and Mentoring: Self-development, initiative-taking 

    • Working in Teams: Acting as a team player and
    • facilitating team work

    • Communicating Information and Ideas:
    • Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively

    • Self-management and Emotional intelligence:
    • Creating synergies through self-control

    Conflict Management / Negotiating and Resolving Disagreements: Managing conflict

    Knowledge Sharing / Continuous Learning: Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others 

    Appropriate and Transparent Decision Making:  Informed and transparent decision making

    • Supported by 14 + years progressive responsibilities/experience and education.
    • MPA in Int’l Finance & monetary policy,
    • BSc (Accounting),
    • CPA candidate,
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