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    • The open window by : henri Matisse 
    • this diversity of paint handling even in adjoining passages within the same picture. This was his first move toward abstaction. 
  2. Le bonheur de vivre, Henri Matisse, 1905-06
    • Le Bonheur De Vivre
    • henri's experiments with possinesque arcadian figure reached it climax with this image.
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    • Street Dresden : Crurvlinear figures moving toward and awyay from the figure without proper motive 
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    • Composition VII By: Vasily Kandinsky 
    • Represenitive of the biblcal text conserning genesis and the apocalypse which would result in a rebirth and new spirtualy clensend world. 
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    Emil nolde, Female Dancer:
    • georges braque houses at l'estaque:
    • Established Syntax for early cubism  
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    georges braque fruit dish and glass: First incorporation of paper collage in cubism.
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    vladimir tatlin counter relief: It inhabits the viewrs space 
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    marcel duchamp fountain: Ready made art
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    salvador dali the persistence of memory 1931
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    willam de kooning woman I 1950-1952
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    jackson pollock number 1
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    franz kline mahoning 1956
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