Pelvis H&P

  1. chronic pain
    • systemic inflammatory
    • degenerative
  2. deep, non-specific pain
    SI etiology, infxn, tumor
  3. radiating pain
    SI joint or lumbar spine
  4. pain occurs when getting in or out of bed
    SI etiology
  5. pain occurs when adducting
    pubic symphysis issue
  6. pregnancy
    SI jt laxity causing pain
  7. fall on butt
    SI joint injury
  8. twist injury
    SI joint injury
  9. hx of arthritis
    • RA
    • reiters
    • anklyosing spondylitis
  10. increased lordosis
    flexion contracture
  11. decreased lordosis
    paraspinal muscle spasm
  12. sensory nerves of pelvis
    • iliohypogastric
    • ilioinguinal
    • genitofemoral
    • lateral femoral cutaneous
    • pudendal
  13. level of iliohypogastric
  14. level of ilioinguinal
  15. level of lateral cutaneous
  16. level of pudendal nerve
  17. meralgia parestetica
    pain or numbness to lateral thigh due to injury to lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
  18. iliohypogastric responsible for
    • sensation tosuprapubic area
    • lateral butt/thigh
  19. ilioinquinal responsible for
    sensation to inguinal area
  20. genitofemoral responsible for
    sensation to scrotom or mons
  21. lateral femoral cutanous responsible for
    sensation to lateral hip/thigh
  22. pudendal responsible for
    sensation to perineum
  23. level of femoral nerve
  24. femoral n responsible for
    hip flexion (iliospsoas)
  25. inferior gluteal responsible for
    external rotation (glut max)
  26. n to quadratus femoris responsible for
    external rotation (short rotators)
  27. superior gluteal n responsible for
    abduction (glut med/ glut min)
  28. pelvic rock
    • push both iliac crests looking for pelvic ring injury
    • + test: instability or motion
  29. SI stress test
    • press ASIS and iliac crests looking for SIJ injury
    • + test: pain
  30. Patrick test
    • FABER for SIJ pathology
    • + test: pain or LE won't abduct below other leg
  31. Meralgia test
    • pressure to medial ASIS for LFCN entrapment
    • + test: preoduction of pain, burning, or numbness
  32. rectal and vaginal test
    • inserting finger into orifices looking for trauma (pelvic ring fx)
    • + test: gross blood
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