24 month review

  1. What type of extinguisher should you use for an electrical fire ?
    Type C (dry chemical)
  2. Where should you you discharge the fire extinguisher?
    At the base of the fire.
  3. define pantograph
    It makes contact with the catenary, sits on top of the train.
  4. Who do you notify when you see a damaged pantograph?
  5. how should you work when working on circuits above 480V?
    You need a clearance
  6. When is a clearance needed, above what voltage ?
    Above 480 volts
  7. Define impedance bond:
    It seperates rail return from signal power.
  8. How must you consider a broken lead on an impedence bond?
    energized dangerous to life.
  9. What is the input signal breaker called ?
    the 52 breaker
  10. What is the voltage and cycle at the 152 contacter/breaker?
    480V / 100 HZ
  11. What is the output of amtraks signal machines/MG set, voltage and cycle?
    480 V / 100 HZ
  12. What are the copper segments on an MG set called?
  13. What is the purpose of an MG set /battery charger?
    To charge the batteries.
  14. Define trip free:
    Doesn't allow circuit to be closed as long as fault exist.
  15. define lockout:
    Has to be manually reset .
  16. Which two relays can take the bus section out during a fault?
    JD & CA4
  17. What relays work in conjunction with the CA relay, and what type of relay is the CA?
    CA is the Internal fault relay, works with the MC
  18. What needs to be done to a 4500kva transformer when it trips out on CA?
    Dolbe test
  19. What do the laminations in a transformer create ?
    Magnetic Flux
  20. What is mutual induction ?
    Primary of transformer induces voltage on secondary
  21. What type of gas do we use to fill the void in our 4500kva transformers, and why do we use this gas?
    Nitrogen oxide
  22. At what voltage are we permitted to use a swithc pole when energized?
    what if any equipment should be worn?
    12 KV

    Rubber gloves
  23. At what voltage should you wear high voltage gloves?
    175 volts and above
  24. How do you test your rubber gloves?
    air test, strecth, inspect every 90 days.
  25. How many persons are permitted to work on a ladder?
  26. What is the input and output voltage of a heater station?
    input 12kv output 480V
  27. What is the main breaker of a heater station rated at?
    1200 amps
  28. What is the purpose of a bus potential transformer, and what is it rated at ?
    feeds the relays ( bus reference )
  29. What polarity is this : H1, H2, X1, X2
  30. What is the turns ratio of a bus potential transformer ?
    100 to 1
  31. What size fuse do we use on the secondary side of a bus potential transformer?
    6 Amps
  32. What is the turns ratio on a 4500kva transformer?
    11 to 1
  33. What will the power director do if he gets an over temperature alarm on a transformer?
    Trip the low side
  34. What is it called when you seperate a breaker from its source ?
  35. When is it safe to work on a circuit or apparatus ?
    when it is deenergized & grounded
  36. How many Volts and amps are our vacuum trolley breakers rated at?
    35 kv 1500 amps
  37. When using oxy/acetylene both lines should be equipped with what?
    What safety equipment should you wear?
    Flow check valve

    Gloves, eye protection and chaps
  38. Define bus jumper:
    cable or jumper used to transmitt power from one piece of electric equipment to another.
  39. Define control jumper:
    A cable or jumper mechanically connected to electric equipment to transmit control power.
  40. At what voltage do you use a tic tester?
    480V & above
  41. What is turns ratio?
    number of turns from primary to secondary
  42. What is the input of a transformer referred to?
  43. What is the designation for a 100 cycle transformers secondary?
  44. Which relay protects our 4500kva transformers from line to ground?
    CO balance
  45. What is the difference between synchronous speed and full load speed of a motor ?
    slip of the motor
  46. What prevents a signal breaker to reclose?
    230 - lockout
  47. What print do you use when wiring up a CR relay ?
    IB prints & R and C prints
  48. The JD relay can also be operated by what transformer relay?
    CR and CO backup
  49. Define thermal relay?
    Works with expanding bi metal
  50. When flash testing transformer oil, what is the di-electric value thresh hold?
    26 kv
  51. What can occur if you open an energized CT circuit ?
    unlimited potential
  52. What alarm will the power director get when the transformer indicates over temperature?
    Bell temp alarm ( BTA)
  53. What do you do after a clearance has been issued and the circuit tests energized?
    check tic tester settings and retest
  54. How do you isolate 4500kva transformer ?
    open the H and the L
  55. Before you work on substation rail return, what must be done first?
    ground and jumper
  56. What is the purpose of oil, in an oil circuit breaker ?
    Disapate the arc
  57. Why does the power director open the low side breaker before the highside?
    Cant open the H under load. Break the circuit, remove the load.
  58. does a megger generate AC or DC voltage, and what setting do we normally use for control cable ?
    DC voltage/ 500 volts
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