MB exam 2

  1. Obligate Aerobes
  2. First photosynthesizer, producers of oxygen as waste product
  3. Grow well in clean water
  4. infect plants forming galls
  5. Examples of how chemolithotrophs get there energy from electrons
    hydrgen, sulfer, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide
  6. Bdellovrbrio prey on other bacteria as they are a bacterial parasite
    victim's cell walls for dinner
  7. Mycorrhizae are fungal
    plant roots !
  8. Nucleic acid analysis eukaryotic microbes
    many groups, algae, not closed related.
  9. What is the difference between Strep and Staph
    STAPHYOLococcis: catalase + positive which detoxifies toxic oxygen and can handle having high salt tolerance

    Streptococcous: Catalase negative and cannot handle such a salt level
  10. Bacteriodes
    30% feces
  11. Mucous membranes cover a lot of surface area, not as good as skin
  12. Obligate Intracellular Parasite fact"
    • similar to virus, cannot grow on its own, needs a host cell = fragile
    • Rickettisa = transmitted by arthoropods
  13. Acquired Resistance
    Resistace that develops through mutation or acquision of new genes - thru HGT
  14. Antibacterial drug
    antimicrobial drug used to treat a disease cause by bacteria
  15. Antibiotic
    compound naturally produced by certain molds and bacteria which inhibits or kills other microbes
  16. Antimicrobial
    chemical use to inhibit or kill microbes - synthesized drugs
  17. Antiviral drug
    drug interferes with the replication of viruses - all are chemically synthesized - none antibiotics
  18. Bactericidal drug
    antimicrobal kills bacteria
  19. Bacteriostatic drug
    antimircrobal inhibits growth of bacteria
  20. Broad-spectrum antimicrobial
    effective against a wide range of microorganism
  21. Chemo ageant
    chemical used to treat a diesase
  22. Intrisinc resistance
    Resistance due to an inherent characteristic of the mircoorganism
  23. Narrow Specturm antimicrobial
    effective against a limited range of micrroransmss
  24. R plasmid
    A plasmid that encodres resistance to one or more antimicrobmial drugs
  25. Therapeutic index
    • a meausure expressing the relative toxicity of a chemotherapeutic drug
    • lowest dose toxic to the patients divided by the dose used for the therapy
  26. Beta Lactam Drugs inhibit ....(what)
    • enzymes that catalyze the formation of peptide bridges
    • Beta lactam drugs are bacteriacidial only when bacteria is actively growing to sythesize peptiodygolacan
    • Enzymes = penicillian binding proteins
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