Spanish common phrases

  1. I liked it.
    Me gusto
  2. I would like to...
  3. I would like to (gustar)
    Me gustaria...
  4. It's 4am.
    A las cuatro de la madrugada.
  5. I suppose that...
    Supongo que...
  6. It's made of....
    Es hecho de...
  7. To make an appointment
    Hacer una cita
  8. To make a phone call
    Hacer una llamada
  9. To make a reservation
    Hacer una reserva
  10. To pack the suitcases
    Hacer las maletas
  11. To make the bed
    Hacer la cama
  12. It seems...
  13. I've been [doing something] for [so long]
    Llevo [el tiempo] verb+iendo/ando....
  14. I've been in California for a year.
    Llevo un ano en California.
  15. I've been cooking for 30 minutes.
    Llevo treinta minutos concinando.
  16. It's been four years since I bought the book.
    Hace cuatro anos que compre el libro.
  17. How long has it been since you went to Spain?
    Cuanto tiempo hace que fuiste a Espana?
  18. I just finished the book.
    Acabo de termino el libro.
  19. To exercise.
    Hacer ejercicios
  20. To make dinner
    Hacer la cena
  21. To take a trip
    Hacer un viaje
  22. To go camping
    Hacer camping/Ir de camping
  23. All kinds of
    Todo tipo de...
  24. To have a good time
    Pasarlo bien
  25. To have a bad time
    Pasarlo mal
  26. I have a good time
    Lo paso bien
  27. I'm going to have a good time
    Voy a pasarlo bien.
  28. Have a good time!
    Pasalo bien!
  29. Maybe...
    Quizas, Tal vez
  30. How long have you been...?
    Cuanto tiempo llevas...?
  31. How many years have you been in California?
    Cuantos anos llevas en California?
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